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The Origin of Witty Reed Hobbes by Witty Reed Hobbes

In Subata Temple, there is a young man finishing his daily exercise when suddenly there’s a knock on the door.

“Reed, I need to talk to you about your parents,” Lucky Jack Russell said to the boy.

You see, Reed knew that his parents were Marleybone scientist, that is why Reed loves math and science, sent on an exploration team to find map pieces, but was attacked by Cutthroats as soon as they got one and that his parents asked Lucky Jack Russell to protect their only son. Reed still has a lot of questions; it’s time he learns the whole truth, so he let Lucky Jack Russell in his room and they sat on the floor.

“You know the map piece they found,” The dog pirate said, “It’s one of the SEVEN pieces of the map of El Dorado,”

Reed’s eyes widened with surprise; he heard the legends, but thought it was a myth.

“Why didn’t you tell me this before?” Reed asks.

“Well, since you’re going back to Marleybone and that you’ve trained with the samoorais; I figured you should know why the Cutthroats attacked your parents,”

“Thanks for letting me know,”

Later, Reed arrived at the docks carrying his backpack; he took a deep breath and said “Well, here I go. Back to where I belong,”

Then an Amber horde ship docked and a horse warrior jumped off and ran towards Reed shouting “WAIT,”

“What can I help you with?” Reed asks.

“It’s Subodai,”

“My bother in arms, what happened to him?”

“The Armada got him in chains. Their heading for Hamamistsu Garden,”

“Take me there,”

Reed did arrive at Hamamistsu Garden and just in time too, because the Armada were about to leave with their prisoner. Reed jumps onto their ship and an Armada officer said “Ah Reed Hobbes, I was wandering when you’re going to show up,”

“Why did you arrest my friend?” Reed shouted.

“I didn’t just arrest your barbarian friend; I also arrested your pirate friend too,”


“I made a deal with the Monquistadors; they take that ruffian prisoner and I spare there useless life,”

“You can’t get away with this,”

“Is that a challenge I hear? I accept,”

“Fine by me, once I’m done here I’ll teach these primates that no one make a monkey out of me,”

One of the Armada soldier then hands Reed a rapier and then they start to set sail.

“What’s this?” Reed asks the officer.

“You wanted to duel me don’t you, boy,” the officer said while he pulls out his own rapier.

Reed rushed towards the officer, but the officer dodged and smacked Reed on the face. Reed then got up and attacks the officer; however the officer still counter attacked. Reed does not want to give up on his friend, so he got up one more time.

“I’m impressed that you got spirit,” the officer smirked “Time to crush that spirit,”

The officer then rushed to attack Reed; the boy did his best to parry the officer’s attacks, however he disarmed the poor young man.

“And to think you’re the one to defeat Kane,” The officer scorned, “The Oracle shouldn’t have known better than to bring false hope to the Spiral,”

However what happens next some people say it’s a miracle, some say its magic, and others say it’s just a coincidence. There was a cannon fires and everyone on deck turn towards the sound to find a pirate ship firing right at them. With the Armada soldiers distracted Reed seizes the opportunity to go downstairs to find his friend. He searches for his friend in the prison cells.

“Reed, is that you?” a familiar voice said, it’s Subodai.

“Yes, I’m here to busts you out,” Reed responses while trying to figure out how to pick the lock. Suddenly a cannon smashes through wall behind Reed and collides with the bars and the bars bursts open. “Wow, that was a lucky break,” Reed exclaimed, “We better get off this naval nightmare,”

Once Reed and Subodai got on deck, they find a pirate, who looked like he could be Santa’s twin brother, defeated by the Armada officer, in fact the officer is about to shoot the pirate. Reed sees that pirate’s sword is by his own feet and without thinking, Reed picked up the sword and ran towards the officer and sliced his hand off.

“Impressive, but this will be the last time I underestimate you,” the armada officer said.

Suddenly, the officer is covered in puff of smoke seconds later the smoke disappeared.

“Are you all right there matey,” Reed said to the pirate.

“Yeah, I’m all right,” the pirate replied.

“We better get off before any more Armada troops shows up,”

So, Reed and Subodai helped the pirate get to his ship and thus they’ve escape before the Armada ship sank to Davey Jones locker.

“Set sail for Marleybone,” the pirate shouted.

“Aye, Aye Boochbeard,” the crew replied then they went to work.

“WHAT,” Reed shouted as in shock that they leave his friend behind.

“You want to go to Marleybone don’t you,” Boochbeard said to Reed.

“I thank you for the help back there Captain Claus, but I need to rescue Lucky Jack Russell,” Reed said to the pirate.

“If you two are going to rescue your friend; you’re going to need some training,” a monkey in a naval uniform said, who must be Mr. Gandry, Boochbeard’s right-hand monkey.

“But I’m already trained,” Reed shouted

“Not by a master swordsman, well a swordswoman,” Boochbeard response.

“Swordswoman,” Subodai said with a puzzled look.

“You can’t ask for a better teacher than Morgan Lafitte,” Boochbeard said to Reed.

“So, she can help me became a better warrior?” Reed asks.


“Good, but before we go, I do have some questions,”


“Who’s the robot that tried to kill you?”

“That would be Deacon, the Armada’s spymaster,” Mr. Gandry answered.

“You’re lucky that we got to you just in time,” Boochbeard added.

“So, who’s Kane?” Reed inquired.

“He’s the leader of the Armada and the first clockwork ever built,” Boochbeard said.

“The Oracle says that you’re the one that’ll defeat him,” Mr. Gandry added.

“Which brings me to my next question, why does the Oracle thinks I’m the one to defeat Kane?”

“She had a vision that a swashbuckler from Mooshu will destroy the Armada forces,” Boochbeard said.

Reed wasn’t sure if he is the chosen one, but he couldn’t let an opportunity to save Lucky Jack Russell pass.

“Where do we start?” Reed asked boldly.

Boochbeard smiled and said “Have you ever heard of Skull Island?”


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