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The Unrelenting Storm by Sly Felix Devereaux

The sound of wood creaking echoed through the night. Wind howled and the sound of burning eternal flame kept the crew warm as well as provided a light.

“Alright. It’s time to sleep, everyone.” A voice sounded, slightly muffled. A few of the crew groaned, but every single one of them stood up. Bonnie Anne looked off into the distance.

“Captain, we just gonna stop here?” She said in her usual Scottish accent.

“Yes, we’re a long way from any taverns or any populated area.” The captain replied. “Old Scratch, you keep watch above decks.” He added.

“Yes, captain my captain.” Scratch replied, and he summoned a skeleton which immediately started patrolling the deck of the Aquilan Galleon. The captain nodded, and then everyone else walked below decks and into the crew’s quarters. The captain followed, but went into his own quarters. He sighed, closing the door behind him. He removed his hood, his medium length brown hair revealing itself, and he removed his mask from his mouth. His silver eyes glanced around the room.

‘Huh... thought I saw something.’ He thought, then he changed into his sleeping clothes. He lied down in his cot and closed his eyes.

He dreamt that night. He dreamt of beautiful, vivid images of his parents, of El Dorado... but as he was imagining the riches, all of a sudden Deacon arrived. Then Phule. Then Rooke. Then the rest of the nameless Armada leaders... and finally, Kane appeared. “You’ve been a nuisance. I hope we’ve been as equally annoying.” He said, and then... darkness. Then cannon fire.

“Captain Felix! We’re under attack!” Scratch yelled. Felix immediately stood up, ran out above decks. The sunrise was upon them, and an Armada ship was attacking them.

“Only one?” Felix thought aloud. Then realizing what was going on, he yelled: “Rouse the crew! Stations everyone!” Immediately he heard the distinct sound of the cannons being loaded, and different types of feet hitting the wood. Hooves, bones, etc. Felix grabbed the steering wheel and maneuvered the ship so the starboard cannons were facing the Armada frigate. The cannons fired, hitting their target. Then they were hit with an array of cannonballs, the wood above deck catching on fire. Various crew ran to put out the fires, and the sound of a horn could be heard. A Gorgon rose out of the clouds, near the enemy Armada ship. She hit the ship with her sword, the wood/metal combination groaning underneath the pressure, and a mast fell into the sky. Then a volcano appeared near Felix’s ship, the Shining Oracle, and lava rained down upon them. The crew again rushed about putting out the fires and attempting to repair the ship. The Shining Oracle fired fire tridents, gripping themselves into the hull of the ship and furious fires starting. Finally, the ship wasn’t buoyant anymore, and it sank into the clouds and into who-knows-where.

The crew cheered. “Congratulations, everyone!” Felix shouted, and everyone again cheered. “Now... what were they doing attack us? We’re not near any known Armada stations...” Felix thought aloud again, pondering.

“What’ver it ‘as, we beat ‘em!” Ratbeard said, and several of the crew agreed.

“Fine. We’ll continue course for Marleybone, then.” Felix said, and the ship started moving again, and it joined into a wind lane.


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