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Unpassable by Zane Blake

The boy stared up at the gate. This was his moment. This was his life. He paused, took a breath.
And knocked.

Once, twice, three times, then the gate opened. A rotund man in silver armor, spear in hand, stared down at him.

“Er, hello?”

The armored man showed no emotion. Finally, he answered.

“Who are you?”

“My name is… is... Kaem. What’s yours?” the boy responded in a trembling voice.

“That’s not your concern. Why’re you here?”

“I have an- an application.” The man seemed satisfied and led the boy through a moonlit village. The streets were silent. Finally, they entered a large house. Inside was a study. There were books and maps and other things Kaem could not comprehend. Standing in the middle was a man who looked as old as time. He was as wrinkled as a Krok and carried a staff. He peered at Kaem.

“An application?”

“Y- Yes, sir.”

“You are aware we get hundreds a year?”

“Yeah, but- but I can hope.”

“We have reviewed your application, your records, and your history. You have not been deemed fit.
You may leave.”

Kaem started to protest, but the guard led him back outside. The gates closed. Kaem was left standing on the docks. He had failed. He would not become a Wizard.

Four years had passed. Kaem had looked for a way, any way, to achieve his dream. To learn magic. Finally, he found one.

Fine young children to be trained in Hoodoo
Good rates
Good lifestyle
Inquire at Cave, Skull Island.

Kaem smiled. He’d show the Wizards. He’d learn all he could, become successful, and show them that magic doesn’t take a fancy education. Kaem boarded the next ship for Skull Island.

Yeah, he could feel the excitement already.


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