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The Tripling Treasure by Shallow Chase

Clever Amber Dove, Dead-Eye Destiny Devereaux and Stormy Alex stood before the newest Governor Asia (You know how these Monquistan monkeys are -- always getting new Governors because they can't stop betraying each other). They were captured in a mess of tiny chains and forced onto their knees.

"Get off of me or I'll blow me gun, mate" Stormy Alex spit as a monkey guard tried to pin him down. Governor Asia, as her elegant self, tip-toed on her furry feet toward Stormy Alex. She leaned in toward him and spoke firmly.

"Why were you three caught in the draining tunnels?"

Clever Amber Dove exchanged glances with Dead-Eye Destiny Devereaux and nodded. "Your highness, permission to speak?" Amber asked.

"If you plan on answering my question, yes. But make it quick because I ought to make my way to the Summer Ball. I've heard they have craters full of bananas arriving" replied Governor Asia.

"That's, uh, exactly it! Dead-Eye Destiny Devereaux and I were trying to sneak to the Summer Ball because our home in Skull Island doesn't have such elegant social gatherings. You see, we pirates are dressed like filthy peasants all the time and I just really wanted to dress up appropriately for once, like all of you. And, um--" Amber began rambling until Governor Asia interrupted her.

"What about Stormy Alex and why were you found heading into the gold bank?"

"Your highness," said Dead-Eye Destiny Devereaux. "Stormy Alex abducted us on our way to the ball to use our excuse for traveling if we ever got caught and dragged us to help him steal the gold--"

"You liar! Don't you see them fooling you, you barbaric little ape!" Stormy Alex yelled at Governor Asia. Then he turned to Dead-Eye Destiny Devereaux and began to accuse her of backstabbing him when she winked at him and put her index finger over her mouth. She was signaling to not say anything. Maybe she has a plan?

Governor Asia almost raised her voice when she spoke. "I don't like your tone young man. Guards, take him away... But first, untie these two ladies. No worries you hideous pirates, I'll dress you up and try to make you mildly presentable, I suppose. All us girls have been longing for a nice ball, I understand, even humans like yourselves."

After the two were unchained, Clever Amber Dove and Dead-Eye Destiny Devereaux charged at Governor Asia and held her. She yelped an "Ooh, ooh, ah ah!" and demanded that she be let free. Before her guards could try to save her, Dead-Eye Destiny Devereaux told them "Stop or we'll attack Governor Asia. Now untie Stormy Alex and we'll pretend none of this ever happened."

"My guards, don't--" Governor Asia started but Clever Amber Dove clamped her hand over the Governor's mouth. She then sighed and mouthed "Ill".

Suddenly a loud noise erupted in the room and then screaming started.

Glass shattered from the side windows and everyone ducked. Thankfully, no one broke in from the glass ceiling! A Monquistan army invaded the room and their general stood before Governor Asia. "Let her go or we'll attack" the general ordered. Governor Asia sighed in relief and dropped a control with only one big red button. "As Governor, I always have back up. I just had to click that button and my boys came charging in. I thank you General Malmo"

"Not anymore you don't" the General said and ordered his guards to handcuff Governor Asia, much to Clever Amber Dove's pleasure.

"So you're really here to stop her?" Clever Amber Dove hoped. But just as she feared, no one was getting away. He, just like any other Monquistan, wanted to overthrow the Governor.

"Not so fast, missy! I'm Governor now and I decide to arrest all of you." Governor Malmo stated.

Governor Asia grimaced. "I thought I actually had a chance! I was Governor for a whole 12 hours!" she threw her little arms into the air and began pounding her chest and making very disturbing monkey sounds.

Stormy Alex immediately went into combat. He threw his javelin at Governor Malmo but the monkey dodged it. He began flinging dirt at the pirates... at least, it looked like dirt... Dead-Eye Destiny Devereaux quickly snatched Clever Amber Dove's bag of gold and made a run for it.

"Hey!" Clever Amber Dove yelled as she fought her way through the monkey army. "Give the gold back! It was a team's effort, we we're going to split that!"

Dead-Eye Destiny Devereaux winked at her and said "Never trust a pirate, girl." Then she disappeared. She may have gotten away but Clever Amber Dove and Stormy Alex were still in battle and they were losing really badly. There were too many monkeys to handle and not that the monkeys even knew how to battle well but they were so aggressive... AND WHAT IS THAT SMELL?!

For the second time that day someone barged into the room. Except, they barged in through the glass ceiling! The fighting stopped and people scattered as glass began to shatter down from above. After the glass stopped falling from the sky, a dark figure landed on the center of the room.

"Am I too late?" he said wickedly. When the pirate looked up, everyone could see it was Greedy Jacob Maxwell! He grinned as everyone stood in shock because he was the bravest and daring pirate with the most gruesome reputation.

"No... Actually, I think it just started" Clever Amber Dove whispered to herself in frustration. What could that pirate be doing here, she thought.


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