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Journals of a Sea Criminal by Destiny Everheart

Journal Entry 1:

I was navagating my ship through the Mighty Avernus Skyway this morning, when a ship I did not recognize started to follow mine. Fortunately for me, the Queen's Falcon was much faster. However, she crashed into a jagged rock and we got boarded. The captain of their ship, Lt. 'Handsome' Dan, explained he was hired by a dog named 'Russel' to capture me and take me to him. Well, as you'd expect, I resisted arrest, and got me and my crew away from there. Then, an hour or two later, while I was traveling through the Big Sky Country of Cool Ranch, I was borded again, this time by a duck named Dan Drake. Drake said the same things as Dan did, and again I escaped.

After that, I went back to my cabin in Grizzleheim, when I realized that my home was captured by that new sindicate that just appeared, I think it was called the Destiny Gang. Someone by the name of 'Two Gun' Andy Dalton, a Mustang Toreador, told me if I was to get my house back, I would have to see Russel at the Silver Spur Saloon, in Cooper's Roost. I'm done playing this game--time to get my home back!

So I went to see this Russel, and he seems to be a respectful dog, unlike his crew. He told me of this place in Aquilla called Hyperborea, and how it has the best treasure known to man--weapons made of marble! Russel told me of a guy in Marleybone who holds the map to this place. Tommorrow, I shall depart to find this man and get to this Hyperborea.


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