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The Scalawag and the Shark by D.S. Devereaux

There once lived a pirate who feared a great shark
Neither eagles' screechings nor how the dogs bark
And so through the light and with lanterns in dark
From the scourge she did run from Flotsam to Clark.

"Won't you look at its teeth!?" she moaned one night upon,
"For those massive chompers, that thing's got no sheath!"
And slamming her Yum on the table, the decision she donned -
Enough with the running! Down with El Tiburon!"

For a week and a night she prepared for the fight
Learning what sharks liked on which to feast;
Chicken dinners, or pies? The seas, or the skies?
And what to do once she'd lured in the beast?

"Come out, come out, you scaly buffoon!"
She rattled her swords in her hiding
And just beneath the silvery moon
The scourge of the skies was arriving -

Aim the cannons! Load yer bows!"
the scalawag commanded,
"When it's out of my way, I'll make sure it knows
"All the trouble to we pirates it's handed."

And when the beast was satisfied
with the dinner she had laid;
Another rogue stepped onto the docks
His crew his sky-scarred parade.

"Thanks for giving this shark a snack,"
He scoffed as he twirled his spear,
"Thought this would be a harder task,"
And to the scalawag he drew nearer.

"I see that with your work, there isn't much else for me to do –
If you don't mind, and I'm sure you won't, this beast shall join my crew!"

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