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Miserable Destiny Everheart, the Dame of Hoodoo

Journal Entry 1

As I was walking out of my tavern this evening, my companion, Russell, mentioned to me that he hired those Bounty Hunters that I asked him to. I was thankful to him. I asked for a group of bounty hunters to track down the bravest pirate known to man, and to bring him to me. You see, I need his help in a 'secret assignment' — my amulet that my mother gave to me before her death in the shipwreck, happened to be cursed by an evil sorcerer. The pirate may prove useful in my plans to increase my syndicate’s power, as well.

My syndicate, the Destiny Gang, is used for the transport of exotic goods to lands far and wide. My biggest export seems to be Jade, all the way from MooShu (I cannot export Yum because of the Frogfather's Syndicate).

I asked Russell, "How will this pirate be useful to my syndicate? He has a history of not taking any sides, and could easily betray me just when I would need him the most."

He said, "Well, Captain, to keep him on our side, you must entice him with something he wants. Perhaps a lost land of great adventure and hidden treasures could do this. And I know of the perfect place! In Aquila, the Eagles speak of a lost island named Hyperborea. Apparently, there is a treasure there the likes of which the Spiral has never seen before. A weapon forge that creates the best of weapons, made entirely out of marble and gold. Also, I know where of a map of this place is hiding..."


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