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Mackenzie's Journey in the Spiral by Mackenzie


I’ll never forget the day the Armada captured me. They would’ve captured that poor wizard for “practicing magic” if it weren’t for me. I don’t remember who that wizard was, even though he looked strangely like a good friend of mine from Wizard City. I saw him ambushed by the Armada, about to be arrested for “practicing magic” when I immediately reacted to the situation. As I tried to fight those rogue robots, the wizard made a run for it as I cried out, “Save yourself, kid!” Just as I thought I got them all, one of the Armada soldiers handcuffed me and took me to Deacon, the spymaster.

“I’m very impressed with your skill, young lady.” he said. “But can you really defeat the Armada’s power?”

Then Deacon looked at my pendant. At first I thought he was going to try to take it from me, but then he walked away and said, “So you’re the legendary girl that rumors said. You’d make a very fine treasure for the Armada. And don’t worry; we’ll keep you as our treasure… alive!”

After that, I was taken to prison with the pendant still in my hand. “Did they really mean alive,” I thought. “or are they really going to kill me?” I kept thinking about that moment as the sun went down, and then I fell asleep as the sky became black.

Escape from the Armada

The next morning, I was awakened by the sounds if explosions and the sudden shaking of the ship. I was so scared, that I had no idea what to do except to take cover. Then I heard a pirate voice from the deck. At that moment, I started asking myself what’s worse. Kidnapped by rogue robots, or pirates?

“Get down! She’s gonna blow!” said the pirate.

Then I heard another explosion and saw smoke everywhere in my sight. As soon as the smoke cleared, I saw a monkey and a tough looking pirate.

“Is zis ze prisoner we’re looking for?” said the monkey.

“Hard to say.” the pirate replied. “You there! What’s yer name?”

“My name is Mackenzie.” I answered “I am…”

“I told you!” said the French monkey. “She is ze one!”

They tried to open the cell door, but the pirate said it was jammed!

“Well NOW what are we supposed to do?” asked the monkey.

Suddenly, I heard a really loud explosion and saw the wall broken. Freedom! I ran out the wall and made my way to another prisoner who needed my help. His name was Subodai. Subodai joined me as we escaped the prison and confronted Deacon.

“What’s this?” said Deacon, “Boochbeard! Trying to steal my prize you ruffian?”

“Clockwork Monster!” replied Subodai, “You will pay for putting Subodai and the girl in a cage!”

“I think not!” Deacon responded, “The prisoners must not be allowed to escape! TAKE THEM!”

That was when I the fight was beginning. The fight against Deacon’s battle angels was intense, but it was worth the trouble.

“Impressive.” said Deacon, “We seemed to have underestimated you, young lady. You’ll regret making an enemy of the Armada. Enjoy your freedom… while it lasts!”

I was about to get him when he vanished, and because the ship was dying, my new friends and I made our way to Skull Island. And that’s where the REAL adventure begins…

Cap’n Fine Jewel and Tiny Bandit

Right when I met Avery, I was told to retrieve the jade amulet. The quest to retrieve it was a bit complicated with all the troggies and cutthroats in our way, but with some help from Bonnie Anne, we were able to get the amulet back easily and stop the bombardment the troggies were causing. That evening we returned with the amulet. As a reward, Avery provided me my own room to rest for a few nights at Skull Island. I was pretty exhausted from all that trouble I’ve been through with Subodai and Bonnie on my side. So I walked outside to the court where I met a young, red-haired girl.

“That’s Fine Jewel.” said Bonnie Anne, “She arrived here years ago after escaping from the Armada, who killed her parents. Pretty sad, isn’t it?”

I nodded my head in agreement then turned to see Jewel right in front of me.

“Ye must be Mackenzie, right?” she said to me, “Ye’re brave young lass to storm through the jungle during a bombardment like the one today.”

Just then, I felt something on my shoulder, and saw a green chameleon with purple dots. In my sight, it seemed lonely and wanted to come with me. I never did want a pet, but I was willing to let that lizard come with me.

“Don’t ye think that new buddy of yers could use a name?” asked Jewel.

“Maybe tomorrow,” I answered, “Right now, I should be getting some sleep.”

“That sounds like a good idea, lassie.” said Jewel. “Ye get some shut-eye. After all it’s getting late.”

Later that evening, I laid down on my bed looking at the night sky on the window, thinking about my friends at my home world, Earth. Two of them had the same pendant as mine, along with another friend of mine at Wizard City. Then I thought about the young wizard who was attacked by the Armada, wondering if he got away while I fought them. But then I fell asleep when I was thinking about the boy I tried to defend.
Worst Beginning Ever

“Oi, Mackenzie! Wake up!” said Bonnie Anne, “Stop snoring! We’ve got company!”

What? Already?! You’ve got to be joking!

I walked outside to see who woke me up at FIVE IN THE MORNING.

“Mornin’ Sunshine!” said the red-headed girl. “Hope ya got some good sleep, ‘cuz we’re about to go on an adventure!”

“No offense,” I said to Jewel, “but why are WE going?”

“Haven’t ya heard?” she answered, “Avery’s sent us to find Captain Gunn’s treasure! We’re gonna be rich!”

“I would love to join,” I told her, “but I’m usually not a greedy person.”

Unfortunately Jewel didn’t listen and dragged me to the dock while I was still in my sleepwear.

“Here we are!” said Jewel, “Our finest ship in the spiral!”

I looked at the ship which was tiny and rickety and thought, “That’s our ship?!”

“Captain,” said a tall white mouse, “we don’t have much time! We’ve got to get going before Ratbeard reaches the treasure!”

“Oh, right! Mackenzie,” said Jewel, “take these outfits I bought you last night and get dressed! Hurry! Don’t let the bearded rat take all the gold from us!”

Ugh, what a way to start a new adventure…


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