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The Machine by Elizabeth

A blonde-haired, green-eyed young woman crouched in the shadows. It was a stormy night in Valencia, and the darkened skyways exploded with lightning and thunder every few seconds, illuminating everything in the gloom. Thunder cracked loudly and would have made the girl jump, but she hadn't experienced 'fear' for a long time. There was no time for fear anymore. It was do or die, nothing in between. Her long hair was tied into a ponytail, and her expression was tense and serious, quite a different person from who she was in the past. It had been years since she had last seen any of the people that she cared about, and a lot has changed since then.

She stood to her full height and pressed herself against a cold stone wall in Granchia, lips pursed and limbs light, ready to flee at the nearest sign of trouble. The place was crawling with Clockworks, and it was a miracle she could make it there at all. She waited for a few minutes, and during this time she pulled out a clear windstone pendent, a gift to her from one of her old friends. There was a lot of story behind that windstone pendent, though she only allowed herself to remember who had given it to her. She sighed, remembering his facial features with perfect definition, reflecting what that windstone meant to her and how it was her ticket home.

With a small green flash perfectly timed with lightning and thunder, a young man appeared next to her in the shadows. She quickly tucked the windstone away and the two of them trotted to the nearest alleyway so as not to be seen. "You're Elizabeth Tudor?"

The girl nodded.

"Here you go. Atherton Industries gave you exactly what you ordered: Clockwork wings, a perfect replica of the real things."

"Thank you." She croaked, her voice hoarse from disuse. Elizabeth took the package gingerly and balanced it on her waist, handing a few cold, gold coins to the young messenger. "For your troubles." She added, curling his fingers inward around the coins. The man nodded to her, then disappeared.

Elizabeth carefully unwrapped the package within the safety and privacy of a secret room in the Laurentine Library of Valencia, which had grown dusty from neglect. Upon coming here, her mind was filled with both happy and sad memories of The Resistance, but she tossed them aside and opened the parcel. Inside was definitely as she had asked. There were Clockwork wings, in perfect condition and exactly like real Armada wings. Folded underneath the wings was a small note. Elizabeth picked it up and opened it, nose nearly touching the paper as she peered at it nearsightedly.

Good luck.


She nodded in appreciation then gently glided the wings onto her back. She angled her head to look at them then fluttered them slightly. Elizabeth allowed herself a miniscule simper, but turned tense once more, flapping the wings and rising a few feet above the floor. The wings were perfectly balanced and beautifully crafted, making flying easy and effortless. She lowered herself to the ground and took a deep breath. Elizabeth had the wings, the armor, the ship, and the weapons, now all she needed was the mask. Then she could go to The Machine and get the last piece of the map that she needed.
Elizabeth perched at the top of one of the buildings in the Isle of Fetch, and in the dead middle of the night her dark armored clothes hid her well. She quietly unsheathed her Battle Angel's rapier and lifted a pistol into her left hand. For a brief moment, an Armada Marine thought he saw a Battle Angel with the face of a human crouched on one of the rooftops of the building. When he glanced over again, though, he saw there was no such thing, and marched along, ensuring that none challenged The Armada's rein of The Isle of Fetch.

She narrowed her eyes as she caught sight of a Battle Angel fluttering in her direction. Elizabeth took in a slow, deep breath, and released it, preparing herself for what she was about to do. She aimed the pistol at the Battle Angel and glided her hand with it as it moved. She held herself in a high way, confident of herself and sure that she was going to take the mask of the clockwork. She was standing like a Battle Angel without even realizing it. Her rapier rested against her thigh, and she held it tightly, making sure that if her shot didn't hit its target correctly, then she would have other means of accomplishing her goal. With a small click sound, she cocked her gun, and her finger tightened around the trigger.

Elizabeth fired.

The Battle Angel was taken completely by surprise and the shock hit home, permanently disabling the Clockwork. With the speed of the Khurgan Soldiers, Elizabeth had gone into the street, plucked the Battle Angel up, and, using her newfound Clockwork Wings, fluttered into the shadows of another building, pressing her back up against it and breathing hard. She calmed herself, then with a spare dagger, she unlatched the mask from the wooden head of the Battle Angel, relieving the Clockwork of its puppet face. For extra measure to make sure that she didn't get caught, she gently rolled the Angel into the skyway. "Thank you," She rasped, "For giving me a chance." Elizabeth took the mask herself and put it on.

It was a perfect fit.


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