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The Legend of Melody Nightingale by Quick Melody Nightingale

Chapter 1: How it All Began

St. Henry's Orphanage of Grizzleheim was not your ordinary orphanage. Run by bears, it was a rather hard place to grow up in. Every day, the kids would wake up at 4:00, and go to bed at whatever time they finished their chores. It wasn't BAD or anything, but you had to be tough to survive. Which Melody was not. So when a scream echoed through the orphanage one night, it wasn't surprising that Melody almost had a heart attack.

Melody jolted up from her hard bed with a start, her heart pounding. Did I just hear someone scream? She thought. A loud pounding of running feet, no, paws, sounded in the hall outside of the door. Someone's coming. Melody fumbled to light the candle on her nightstand. When she finally turned it on, the heavy pine door was thrown open. In the doorway, stood a large bear, named Gytha Bergstrom, the head of the St. Henry's.

“Quickly, out to the bunker, NOW.” she said gruffly.

“Whazgoinon?” said a voice to the right of Melody sleepy.

Melody glanced over. Sasha, her friend, was sitting up in her bed, blinking her eyes to get rid of the sleep.

“To the bunker NOW!” Gytha repeated. “The boys are already down there!”

Confused, everybody grabbed their belongings, stuffing them in their rucksacks.

“Hurry!” the bear said, rather frantically.

Melody snatched her father's knife and followed the other children in the line to the bunker.

The bunker was dim and cold. Everybody sat on the rough, wooden floor, listening for any sounds. What was that scream? Melody wondered. Why are we all in the bunker? She soon found out.

THUMP. CRASH! BOOM! What was that? Melody thought. Is that why we're in the bunker? BONG! Something bounced off the roof. WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! Someone was pounding on the heavy trapdoor. There was a hushed silence in the bunker. Then, Gytha, who was watching the kids shouted defiantly,“Who goes there! Don't you dare enter!”

She grabbed a battle ax hanging on the wall, and held it in front of her. WHAM! Wood splinters rained down from the now cracked trapdoor. WHAM! The trapdoor burst into millions of wooden fragments. Gytha roared, and swung the battle ax. Some of the kids screamed. Melody's blue eyes widened with fear. Sasha shakily whispered, “Why would someone attack the orphanage?”

“Don't look at me,” Melody replied.

A metallic voice sounded. “Give us the girl, NOW.” What girl? Melody wondered. “NEVER!” Gytha hollered. “Out of the bunker!” she quickly said to the children. “Board the boats in the back!”

There were large row boats in the back of the orphanage, but Melody never was allowed in them. When the children steamed out of the back trapdoor, they stood in shock, not moving. The main building was in ruins, crumpled to the ground. Bears were clashing with mysterious metal people. A spark soaring past Melody's ear brought her back to the present. She started to one of the boats floating on the side of the island. Suddenly, one of the large metal beings stepped into her path. Melody halted.

“You're coming with us.” he said steely.

“No way!” Melody shouted. She was surprised at how brave she sounded. Without thinking, she unsheathed her father's knife and stabbed the clockwork. It reeled back in surprise.

“It will take more than tha-” the steel warrior began, but never finished. CRASH! In the metal person's place stood Gytha, with her battle ax drawn.

“Go, quickly! Hurry!” she said, before lumbering off.

“Come on Sasha! Get a boat!”

Sasha leaped onto a boat, already full of children. Melody climbed on it as it began to drift away.

“Let's go!” Melody said loudly. She grabbed the heavy oars and began to row away, away into the vast unknown.


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