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Kenneth Goes Home (Spiral Adventurers II) b Sandy Keira Ire

“WOO-AAH!” We tumble out of the boat that so insincerely decided to ram itself into the side of Grizzleheim. I hop up from the wreckage. My brothers, both equally convinced that the other is a vicious attacker, are wrapped up in a wrestling-punching-kicking mayhem of blindfolded war. I take the minute that I am relatively unneeded to look at my surroundings.

Grizzleheim isn’t very appealing even to the unbiased eye, and the fact that I had just endured being cooped up with my brothers for several hours in what was by definition a box, not to mention that we had been unceremoniously dumped onto a few rocks, didn’t help me see it in a positive light. It is relatively thick with trees, making it hard to see other parts of it. However, the main detracting features are the rocks. They cover every patch of grass from one end of my peripheral vision to the other. Grizzleheim, I concluded, is a pitiful place to grow up.

“HEY! Bro- OW- stop kicking- STOP- me!” Kevin is the first one to recover his senses. Ken stops kicking when he hears Kevin. The two get up.

“Yikes, you two,” I say. “Don’t kill yourselves.” They laugh and shake hands.

“Let’s call it a draw,” Kevin offers.

“Nah. I won.” Ken returns. Kevin takes one look at his bruises, then peeks at his older brother’s untouched self.

“Yeah. You won,” Kevin agrees meekly. Ken grins in his triumph and looks around at his former home.

“I hate this place,” Ken mutters. I feel sympathy for my brother. My twin and I got to grow up in Scrimshaw, which definitely helped us gain respect. We busted open a couple Rat Pack hideouts and merit soared. Oh yeah, plus OUR adoptive parents never tried to KILL us. Definitely a positive.

We three Ires scramble across the rocks to the safety of the trees. We begin to explore the woods, attempting to begin mapping the area. However, our time is cut short when Kenneth shouts and there is a tremendous crash! Kevin and I run to Ken, who is caught up in some thorn bushes. We yank him out of the brambles.

“What did you see?” I ask. Kenneth pokes his head around the corner to make sure that what he saw wasn’t just a hallucination, then, apparently of the opinion that it was, whispers an answer.

“Since when are there wizards in Grizzleheim?”

I look out of the woods. Sure enough, there are a couple boys and a girl talking amongst the bears. Their clothing is ridiculous, but the most riveting part of their attire is what they hold in their hands; though different in appearance, they are all very clearly wands.

I duck back under the cover of the trees. This is most definitely a problem. A VERY big problem.

“I don’t know, Ken. The problem is really ‘How do we avoid them?’ rather than ‘Why are they here?’. Let’s go.” We turn and run- run smack dab right where we don’t want to be.

A bear stands right in front of us. No doubt he is not full grown yet, and he is a little short even for that. He definitely is moody, no doubt is a loner, and is of the same clan that Ken was once in. All this I notice right before Ken’s buccaneer instincts kick in and he does what he always does when faced with this kind of problem.

He punches his lights out.

The bear makes a heavy thud when he lands. This commotion raises interest in what has happened. A party of searchers tromp out to investigate. More than a few of them have wands.

We three Ires do what we know we have to do.

We turn and run like the wind.


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