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Isle of Dogs Docks by Eccentric Blake Laverne

Two teens were sitting on the docks on the Isle of Dogs in Marleybone. One is Eccentric Blake Laverne, the other Nice Kayla Laverne. They were watching the bombs blow up in Westminster Skyway, as they lit up the summer night sky. Blake then started tearing up. “Blake, what’s wrong?” Kayla asked, her long blond hair blowing in the breeze.

“Nothing. It’s just, I feel terribly sick for starting that war with Catbeard!” Blake said, taking off his hat, letting his auburn hair reveal itself.

“I feel sorry too, but we need to free Catbeard and get the map piece!”

Blake then realized all this mess he started was for a silly map to El Dorado, a city of gold. Blake then cried more. “I am so selfish! We started who knows how many wars across the spiral just so we can have lots of gold!” Blake said, putting his head between his knees.

“Blake, it’s Okay,” Kayla said, patting Blake’s back. “You need to be with mom and dad. They’re in El Dorado!”

“Kayla, you don’t understand! Countless people have suffered for our selfish deeds. Monquista is deep in Civil War because of us. Santo Pollo still fights on against Santa Rana. Marleybone is in full out war with Valencia!”

“Blake, think of the peace we made! We re-allied the Big Sky and Black Storm tribes. Tumbleweed no longer is terrorized by the Wild Bunch and General Tso is no longer a threat to Mooshu!”

“Kayla, I suppose you’re right. We might’ve started a war, but events during the war aren’t our fault.”

“Yes, now it’s getting late. We need to be back before curfew. Emergency War Decree, you know?” Kayla helped her younger brother up and they walked back to Mr. Swidget’s house under the full moon and the firey bombshells.


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