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In The Middle by Daring Keilani Yard

I had secretly always looked up to my older brother Jeremy. He was stronger than me, better at me than practically everything and despite the fact he was usually teased by practically everyone he remained strong and didn't let it bother him. I'd never tell him how much I respected him though. I wasn't supposed to look up to him. I was supposed to be absolutely annoyed by him.

That's what siblings were for right? I was fairly annoyed by my older sisters (they were identical twins) Charlotte and Chelsea and my younger sister Agnes, annoyed me to no end. It was the brother that was supposed to be annoying. Everything about my life just felt weird and wrong....But that didn't stop me from looking up to my brother.

But sometimes I thought he didn't like me as much. I wasn't as much his sister as Charlotte, Chelsea and Agnes. Jeremy's parents divorced after he was born. Charlotte and Chelsea were his biological sisters. His mom got married at had cute little 4 year old Agnes so she was just Jeremy's half-sister.

Me? I just moved in with them when his dad and my mom got married. Then all at once everyone vanished: all 4 of the adults in our lives, even if Jeremy's mom had been a bit distant. They had all gone out in search of a treasure and just ... never came back.

So now I was stuck on Chelsea's ship with the rest of my siblings and Chelsea's crew. She was the only one who had managed to become a proper pirate, and the name Bloody Chelsea Silver was known by everyone. She was a pretty feared pirate. Of course, everyone knew her twin sister Cunning Charlotte Silver as she was, despite the fact she wasn't a proper pirate and more of someone to go to if you needed something you couldn't find anywhere else, she was still feared.

Most people knew Jeremy Silver, despite the fact he wasn't that powerful and had almost completely sworn off being a pirate and the lives they lived in general. Despite this people still knew to be careful around him. If he was in the mood, he could easily beat you up, and you really didn't want to mess with him when he was in the mood.

Agnes Evans, my final sibling, everyone knew her but not for a reason to be scared. She was only 4 years old, everyone knew all about her. She was very friendly and surprisingly smart for someone her age. Only problem was if you got her upset Jeremy would be after you and you really didn't want to mess with a Musketeer of his level.

But me, Daring Keilani Yard...nobody knew me. I helped out in taverns to get gold and I was, frankly, a rotten Witchdoctor. Despite having my older sisters as role models who were both brilliant role models in the class. I still could barely pull off the most basic things.

My mom would probably be disappointed in me. She had originally come from a world called Wizard City where you learned all sorts of magic at a school called Ravenwood, but she had told me she had no wishes to go back there or for me to live as a wizard. She'd much rather I was a pirate. She still wanted me to learn magic though and I was doing a bad job at it...

"Keilani, we're almost there" Jeremy's voice snapped me out of my thoughts as he looked up from playing with Agnes.

I looked out over the sky, glad the batucadas couldn't get us on the windlane, though they were all eyeing us with certain anger.

"Alright" I reply before quickly turning back to sketching in my notebook

After venturing over the spiral looking for our parents we'd finally found what happened to them. They'd met up and decided to work together but their ship had been sunk by The Armada. So we were returning to Skull Island.

It felt strange returning after being gone for a year and the slight depression of losing our parents was beginning to set in. Chelsea was sailing the ship and despite all we had learned looked perfectly happy. She always did despite what happened when she was sailing. I guess I respected her almost as much as I did Jeremy for that. I wished I knew how to sail without bumping into everything and anything. Whenever Chelsea sailed the skies she looked so free like nothing in the world could possibly bother her.

Charlotte stood next to her reading directions off a map, one of the crew members Kan Po was standing behind both of them it looked like he was advising them. Charlotte looked a bit more annoyed than Chelsea as she had to constantly push her raven hair out of her face.

That was another thing that divided me from my siblings other than talent. They all had raven hai--every single one of them. Chelsea and Charlotte had violetish grey eyes, Jeremy had Sapphire blue ones. Clover had hazel eyes. The eye color set them apart but they all had similar facial structure, they all looked like their mom. They looked like siblings. I however had annoying light blond hair and emerald eyes leaving me looking absolutely nothing like my siblings. It annoyed me a lot.

We weren't blood siblings ... at least I wasn't... But it would still be so much better if maybe we looked alike. Then whenever we passed someone they wouldn't be whispering about Chelsea Silver and her two beautiful sisters and one hansom brother but um ... who was that other girl. She certainly wasn't related to them.

When we arrived at Skull Island our friends were already at the docks to greet us. Sarcastic Mary Webb, who I hadn't known for very long looked most excited to see us returning waving her hands wildly in the air her golden scorpion pet Admiral Luna looked to be a bit annoyed with her. Her sister, Golden Rachel DeClark (who despite the last name was her actual blood sister) sat beside her looking a bit bored. Her chameleon sat on her head, flicking its tongue out occasionally. A few of Jeremy, Charlotte and Chelsea's other friends sat nearby waving happily as our ship The Black Phoenix sailed into the Skull Island Harbor. The two I was happiest to see though were my best friends Fiery Gaspar Holystone and Happy Felicity Kent. They sat near Mary and Rachel looking up happily to see me.

"Gaspar! Felicity! Hi!" I shouted of the edge of the boat.

"Hurry up Kailani we have a year of catching up to do!" Gaspar shouted back with a laugh.

I couldn't help but notice how older my two friends looked. How much taller, how much baby fat that came along with being 11 had gone away. I was a little more than worried. What if I hadn't grown up as much as they had and they always looked down at me like a little kid? I shook my head. That was silly. These were my best friends I was talking about I'd known them since I was 5 and I was 12 now. It wouldn't make that big a difference. Jeremy looked over my shoulder at my drawings.

"What is that?" he asked

I looked down blushing. I had drawn our family. My siblings. Our parents. All of them. Even if I wasn't very fond on Jeremy's step father or mother who had never been that nice it felt strange not having them around.....

"Our family" I smiled down on it "Our wonderful dysfunctional family"

"It's a bit broken now..." Jeremy commented.

I looked up at the sky, laying down on the deck, "No...No...not really"

Jeremy gave me a confused look and Agnes walked over to lay down next to me.

"We're home right?" she asked in her high-pitched 4-year-old voice

"Yeah Aggie," I say kindly, "We're home."

I was stuck in the middle of overprotective, overachieving older siblings and the cutest younger sister I could ever know... Added to that over my travels I felt I wasn't a witchdoctor. I was meant to be a musketeer like my brother...

I sighed.

Nothing was ever easy.

I guess that was just the way it was supposed to be.


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