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The Duel of the Duplicates (Part I) by Fearless Emily Armstrong

It was another day is the sky way. I was bursting through clouds in two flaps of a barracuda. You see I was half clockwork and human so when the secret blew out everyone was trying to pummel me. But I proved myself of being a pirate.

" WHOOOOO!" I cheered

"Best day ever!!!!" I cheered again. While I was flying, my ship appeared below me. After a minute I stopped on the middle of the air, and my eyes grew big seeing a vision on the future. It was me on the ground.....in darkness. The vision pierced into my mind making it a fear as I crashed onto my ship below.

"What happened?!" Bonnie Anne asked me worriedly.

"Yea, you fell like a rock down here!" replied Ratbeard. I got up with a serious expression on my face knowing what was happening.

"Fearful Emily Armstrong..." I said in a strong voice.

"She has returned".

"Who is this other Emily you are speaking of?" Said Kobe Yojimbo.

Fearful Emily Armstrong was an evil copy of me made by the Duck of Death. After I explained a note came from a messenger. It was obviously for me.

Here's what it says,

Dear duplicate,
I heard you’re mortal enemies with the Armada so I joined them. We're going to raid Skull Island soon so get ready. But if you don't want to face it ,surrender and nothing will be affected.
From, Fearful Emily Armstrong .
When I finished the letter I said only one thing,

"It's time to end the duel of the duplicates....."


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