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Bob the Musketeer Saves the Cake (Part 2) by Sam Underhill

Bob and the crew had set up lodgings for a time at De la Vega estate, where there was more than enough room for all them. They tore up and down the halls and through the courtyards, acted like little kids, brandished weapons at all hours and called it ‘practice.’ Mustang Sally said it would help prepare her for the future when she had children of her own to care for. Besides, Rodrigo was one of the main instigators of the roughhousing.

Bob called several members of the crew into one of the libraries for a conference. Bonnie Anne, as first mate, stood once again by her Captain’s side. After all someone needed to keep an eye on him to prevent any unwarranted accidents (the dinner roll incident in particular was called to mind). It wasn’t that Bob was accident prone, but things happened around him.

“What are ye, an idjit?!?” Ratbeard protested, pounding his fist into the table. “It’s dangerous enough ‘round these parts without askin’ for trouble.”

“You never want to help anyone other yourself, ya bilge rat. Count me in!” Sarah Steele accused the elderly Rat, practically jabbing her finger into his nose.

“I think the Cap’n means we should all go,” Bonnie Anne cut in, before any argument could grab a foothold. Her diplomatic skills bordered on the mythical. Tempers were already fraying, and the meeting had barely started.

“Actually, not everyone,” Bob surprised her. “I think a small group, maybe even just the five of us. We can move quickly and quietly through the Gulch…”

“That rules out takin’ El loudmouth,” Ratbeard muttered, but not softly.

“It is another opportunity for El Toro to strike a blow for justice!” Don Rodrigo proclaimed, dramatically drawing his sword to etch another ‘T‘ in the air. “These devils from the Banditoad Trail shall not prevail with this outrage. It is also another opportunity to enjoy one of Hector’s fine cakes.”

“As I was saying,” Bob tried to get the ersatz committee back on track, “we go in, find Hector, and get out. The wedding is Saturday, and we’re all invited to the reception.”

“As a cheap means of providin’ security, no doubt” Ratbeard finished. “I must admits, tho’, Hector bakes a mean cake. Well, not a mean cake, but … ye knows what I mean.”

“Yes, Hector will need time to bake the cake, obviously.”

“I wonder what kind of cake he’s going to make.”

“My favorite is yellow.”

“What, not chocolate?”

“Chocolate isn‘t everyone‘s favorite, you know.”

“That’s practically sacrilegious.”

“Well, I like chocolate, but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy yellow too. But the real secret is in the icing. I simply adore how Hector makes the fancy curlicues around the edges. That’s my favorite part.”

“He made a red velvet for Serena Gutierrez’s wedding reception.”

“Aye, but he doesn’t repeat, ya know. I remembers that lemon poppy seed fer last Cinco de Mayo.”

“Mmm… don’t forget the Black Forest for Professor Diaz’s daughter’s quinceañera.”

“And that three tiered strawberry with butter cream icin’ fer the Toreador Novillero’s birthday. Scrumptious!”

“Anyone else remember the mango - orange when he alternated layers? Magnifico!”

“I’d forgotten that one. How’s about the white chocolate mousse with fruit filling…”

“Guys, do you mind if we talk about rescuing Hector now?” Bob decided to cut in before daylight was completely lost to them.

“I’m not a guy, you know.”

“Had me fooled.” WHACK! “Ouch. Whadd‘ya do that fer?”


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