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Adrift (Chapter 5) by Nimble Ginelle Quinn

Once the cannon worked perfectly, Lió had it pushed off the edge of the island, where it tumbled through the endless skyway, later to end up in some world in the Spiral.

“Well, it’s afternoon already, so I suppose you all can go have some free time if you’d like,” Lió proposed. “I will be making supper, so by 7:00 I need all of you under the gazebo.”

“Don’t worry, we’ll all be there,” Travis promised her. “C’mon guys, let’s go explore the island!”

Everyone split up, leaving Eliza by herself with the Adrift book. She shrugged and walked to the left of Sirius’s home. She stopped in front of the celestial observatory, and carefully stepped inside.

The inside of the circular building was completely empty except for the center of the room, which held a single chair. It looked like the kind of chair that a doctor or dentist would have their patients sit in-an iron framework and base, a cushioned seat and back, and a tall lamp-like structure attached to the back of the chair, hanging down over the seat. Flipping the light switch on the wall next to her, Eliza walked over and sat in the chair, staring up at the soft blue glow of the lamp structure.

The lamp structure was some sort of control panel-it had one small, green, circle button on the left and four switches which were marked by the month, day, time, and year. The control panel currently read January first, 12:00 am, year 0.

“I wonder if I can switch this around…” Eliza asked herself, but before she touched the first switch, she noticed a small shred of paper stuck between a slit in the panel. Eliza removed the paper and read what was written:

October 11, 1984, 10:04 AM
January 17, 1207, 5:46 AM
November 23, 9791, 6:57 Pm
-enter these in the panel by order of which they’re written, then write down the constellation represented. Press the constellation markers in order in the nearby field to activate the water-turbulent pool and to unlock the forechamber hidden in the docks

“Might as well do what the paper says,” Eliza mumbled. “Lió never mentioned anything about a hidden chamber in the docks, but then again, she did say that Sirius kept a lot of secrets from her.”

Eliza moved the switches around and pressed the button for the first date. The constellation appeared on a strange viewing glass, and when the lines connected the stars, it became a leaf. Eliza did the same with the next two dates, which shown a snake and then a beetle. Eliza wrote the constellations in order and then left the chair, leaving the lights off in the room.

She ran over to the acre-long field with the water-turbulent field and the eight markers. She searched the right markers first and found the leaf, and pushed on the metallic button with her palm.

The leaf marker slid inwards and began to glow green, and a low humming emanated from within the marker. Eliza searched the rest of the right side but didn’t find the other two markers, so she went to the left side until she found the snake marker and pushed it in. It too shown a bright green and emitted a low humming noise.

“Last but not least, the beetle,” Eliza said, pressing in the marker. The button slid in, became green, and emitted its low humming noise, but suddenly there was a loud noise like the grinding of gears and clanking of metal, and then the bubbling noise of something re-surfacing from underwater. Eliza spun around and looked over at the pool.

The small model ship inside the pool was floating above the water rather than sunken inside it. There was another metallic clanking noise, and the docks rattled a bit.

“Eliza, what was that?” Clyde asked as he and Madeline came over. “We were over by the clockwork tower when we heard this loud rumbling underground. What exactly is going on?”

“I found a slip of paper in the celestial observatory,” Eliza explained. “It had specific dates on it, which led to these constellations. I pressed the buttons in order, from leaf to snake to beetle, and then the ship in the pool re-surfaced and something opened up in the docks. The paper said something about a hidden forechamber in the docks…”

“What about a hidden chamber?” Travis asked, walking over. “You said something about a chamber in the docks? I think Andrew’s down there!”

They all ran down to the docks and saw Andrew standing by the rocky edge with his mouth hanging open. Before him stood an open metal door, rusted and dull gray in color with greenish plant bits hanging off. The door had no handle and appeared to be automated, but easy to slide back and forth. Behind the door lay a dark underground tunnel.

“Should-should we go into the tunnel..?” Andrew asked in a fearful voice. “I was just looking at the frigate when…”

“It’ll be alright, but I think we should investigate this tunnel,” Madeline suggested. “Who knows what could be inside!”

“That’s what I’m afraid of…” Andrew mumbled.

They walked into the tunnel and climbed down a flight of stairs until they reached an open doorway-with no door. It was flanked by two dim electrical lanterns, but the lanterns barely lit up the doorway.

“Guys, I really don’t think we should go in there,” Andrew whined.

“I agree with him 100%,” Clyde meowed. “I do not like the looks of that dark room. Something-or someone-must’ve done something evil in there…I think…I don’t know, but I do know that that room looks mighty creepy!”

“We’re going in with or without you two,” Travis growled. “I’m getting to the bottom of this thing, with or without your help.”

He entered the room along with Madeline and Eliza by his side. Clyde and Andrew shivered in fear but reluctantly followed him inside, not wanting to be left behind if there were any evil spirits.

The inside of the room was faintly illuminated by electric bulbs glowing deep blue in color and hanging high on the walls. The room was circular much like the celestial observatory, and the walls had built-in columns that kept the ceiling up. The room was made of stone, and the only thing inside of it was a mysterious, circular stone structure, hollow in the center, with eight strange metal objects, much like levers. The objects had a circle in the center and were slightly shaped like pepper shakers that gourmet chefs would use.

Eliza walked up and pushed down on one of the eight levers. The lever lit up and a low rumbling noise grew from within the machine.

“I don’t think you should press those things,” Andrew whined.

“Andrew, just relax,” Travis told his brother. “I don’t believe anything bad will happen; not while I’m here.”

“Yeah sure, that’s what they all say,” Madeline giggled. “Guys just being overprotective for no reason; that’s too typical of you, Travis.”

“That is a total lie and you know it, Maddie!” Clyde growled.

“Oh, so we’re going to use nicknames now, huh?” Madeline said slyly.

“Can I push the other levers or what?” Eliza asked impatiently.

Andrew and Clyde looked ready to complain, but Travis nodded his head. “Go ahead and push the other levers,” he said.

Eliza nodded her head and pushed down the other levers. The rumbling continued, and the ground shook a slight bit, until suddenly the levers lit up, and the light rose and took the shape of a man, possibly 50 or less and wearing an elegant robe that his feet. The man was all blue, and he hovered above the machine, though he was standing.

“AHH, IT’S A GHOST!!!” Clyde screeched.

“Greetings to whom it may concern,” the blue man said humbly. “Catherine, if you are watching this, it is I, Sirius. I am speaking to you through my hologram-’’

“Wait, what’s a hologram?” Andrew asked, confused.

“Be quiet, and let the holo-thingy talk!” Madeline hissed.

“Catherine, I have left Adrift for my own safety…somebody is trying to destroy it and its worlds. Do not worry for Lió-she will be fine, but I need for you to do-fzzt!-Dominique and Aaron have-fzzt!-can’t…find them…fzzt!...Please head back to Sku…fzzt!...bring whatever you can-as for Dominique or Aaron, find the-fzzt!-red and blue…adventurer’s clues, you know what I mean. Hurry…Adrift is at stake..!”

“I do not like the sound of those fizzing things,” Andrew commented.

“What does he mean by red and blue though?,” Clyde wondered as the hologram disappeared.

Eliza picked up a strange red page that was on the machine. “I think I know what he means,” she said. “We need to get this to the red Adrift book in Sirius’s house.”


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