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A Tiny Finch by Pilar Finch

Steve and River Finch had many treasures. A golden banana, an emerald penguin, and a letter engraved in diamond. But nothing was as precious as there newest addition. Such a pretty treasure, it was. The treasure was so rare, only two were ever made, and they had both. These treasures were Johnny and Pilar Finch.

They had black hair and big green eyes. They were such happy children. It's a shame their history is so sad. Pilar was kind and generous, no one could be upset with her around. Johnny was smart and calm, he always knew just what to do when there was a problem. Johnny and Pilar were best friends.

One day, River Finch got sick, and nobody could cure her. She died later. Sad thing is, the worst has yet to come.

Steve Finch was next, he couldn't handle the responsibility of raising the twins, and he lost his wife. So when Johnny and Pilar were six, he ran away. Made an excuse he was looking for treasure, didn't even take the crew. He left Johnny and Pilar a book containing stories. Pieces of his boat were later found washed up. The sad part happens in three, two, one...

Johnny and Pilar were put in an orphanage in Marleybone. After a bit, they adjusted. Over time, they turned nine. One day, they were playing soccer on the sidewalk. Johnny was was dribbling the ball, and he lost it. He chased it into the street, where a careless dog wasn't looking while he drove, the dog hit him. Johnny died on impact. "Johnny!" screamed Pilar. The dog stopped his car when he heard the thump. Pilar was crying. "Johnny! Wake up Johnny! Johnny please wake up!!"

"Kid," said a voice behind her, "it's over, he's gone."

Johnny was buried in Skull Island, the twins' home world. Pilar was never the same after the accident. She wrote a song, on the piano, just for that moment in her life.

My brother
My brother
My brother, I need you
My brother
My brother
My brother I miss you
I miss watching the rain
Oh I can't stand the pain
Oh brother, I miss you

One day, Pilar snapped. They sent her to Port Regal for "mental repair" they called it. But you see, Marleybone had a secret. If one of them was mentally insane, they left them in a cave to die. That's what they did to Pilar. Or, at least tried to. Fate was on Pilar's side.

In the cave, she eventually became sane, but they didn't let her out. Her food supplies ran short, but they didn't let her out. Eventually, Pilar feared the worst. She read her favorite story in her father's book one more time.

A star is a magical thing, it can grant wishes. It can grant your wish, if you are the right kind of being.

Pilar looked at the hole in the ceiling, it was night, and there were stars out. She looked to the star and thought, "I wish everything will be alright."

Sadly, Pilar Finch has many more trials to come.


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