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Those Days Before by Blaze Inglewood

When Blaze IngleWood woke up that one day, when he was just a little kid, he felt so safe. That all changed when his parents were taken. Taken by a giant squid. The giant squid attack scared Blaze into a coma. When he awoke, he found himself in a hospital in Marleybone. The nurse had asked him where he lived, but Blaze remembered that fateful moment. He had explained what happened, and then, he was sent to a Marleybonian orphanage. For years, he would be picked on because he was the odd one out. All because he wasn’t a relative of a canine. He had run away because he was so miserable. No one would take him. No one would love him.

He had been running for years. Just when he was smuggling the finest Yum bottle, he was caught by the Armada and was taken captive. When he awoke in his cell, he had heard the bangs of bombs and the gunshots of muskets, and then there was silence. He was awake and aware now. Suddenly, he heard a fuse of a bomb and saw the door flying past the bars of his cell. He had heard the voice of a man, and someone else.

“*cough cough* Check the ones down there, monkey,” the man had said. Blaze had heard a response. Blaze wasn’t exactly sure who, or what, had responded, but they had said “I’m on it.”

“Is this the pirate we are looking for?" Blaze had heard, and had seen a nicely-dressed monkey talking to a big man with an eye patch and a hook for a hand. The man had said, “Hard to say. You there, you’re standin’ on me blind side. Who are you?”

Blaze had introduced himself, but he was cut off from the sound of bombs going off directly above him. They all rushed up onto the deck, and Blaze had quickly snatched a musket and prepared to fire, but when he saw that the deck was full of Armada troops, he faltered. He had also seen the Armada leader that had ordered Blaze’s arrest.

“I will help you at any cost!”

Blaze spun around to see that a Kung Fu crane had come to assist him. He was less worried now, but still was very stressed out. He wasn’t sure that he was going to make it. There’re just too many Armada troops.


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