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A Survivor's Word Part IX by D.S. Devereaux


There was a single life fountain still producing in the abandoned lighthouse. Like any life fountain, the water was very clean and cool.

However, because of its detachment from civilization, Destiny Devereaux started to notice a shortage of water. At times, the current down the smooth stone was very thick and very fast, while at others, it seemingly crawled down the fountain in nor more than half of an inch at a time. After the first few days of using it as a refuge, Destiny called all of its use off for survival purposes. If one of them were to be unconscious from battle injuries, then the Life Fountain would save them for sure. Destiny was worried that it would one day stop flowing, then what would they do?

"The ship is falling apart. It's the air around here." Remmy said, walking into the ship's cabin as Destiny thought about the very topic.

"what do you mean, 'The ship is falling apart'? I haven't fallen through in a -" Destiny was cut off as Delaney hobbled into the room, still sporting a bad ankle.

"He's not joking, have you seen the keel?" Destiny sighed and stood up loudly, making her chair fly back and hit the wall with a satisfying bump.

"Look who drank too much Yum today," Remmy mumbled. Destiny huffed and looked back with a cold glance.

"Just..." Destiny stopped talking as if to recollect herself, "Just show me where it is."

It was her fourth day at the island known for its abandoned lighthouse. All Destiny had found was the life fountain, and now that her ship, her new home, was slowly breaking apart, with no hope to fix it. Every good captain knew that they couldn't patch their ship at all, much less with parts not of its origin. Fin had mentioned the undead forest several miles on, and Destiny had taken the gold in the pirates' pockets into account – but age-old money wouldn't be worth very much, not in these Skyways. Delaney had mentioned, and Sarah had confirmed (with a headache) that the air of the undead forest was very disabling, and it was what probably woke up a lot of the dead pirates.

She heard tell of a spectre, a looming avatar of an evil spirit, lurking the forest somewhere, back on Skull Island. It was popular talk amongst her associates back when she had a clean record, shortly before her third capture by the Armada. She escaped that time with the help of the famous Boochbeard and his assistant Gandry. She remembered that day as clearly as she remembered the day that took her eye out.

Thinking about her face again, Destiny lifted her hand to poke at her patch, as she would habitually do in the mornings and evenings.

"that's not getting better," Remmy would say every time, trying to stare back at her in only one eye. If Destiny weren't mourning her patched side, she would have laughed at Remmy's awkward stares.

Sarah Steele had taken advantage of the forest first, but had come back with a very bad migraine headache that stayed for a day and a half form the air. She returned with food, clothes, coins, and even a new hat for herself – something that she had picked up off of an undead fencer. However, in her desperate battles, Sarah had gotten cut and bruised a fair bit, and walked around with her new hat on top and bandages everywhere else, only crudely placed. At the moment, it was Jaun's turn to find his way around the forest – this time, he took a vial of Life Fountain water with him so that he could keep himself alert. Destiny's skarakeet Admiral Midnight (or the Admiral) had accompanied him and would start chirping if there was too much harmful air. Juan would have been helping Sarah with the rigging, but instead helping out was Fin Dorsal. Lo and behold, Fin proved to be good with weapons, and knew how to sharpen them with practically anything. He was rather clumsy with the ropes, though, and Sarah appreciated his help only substantially. Destiny was offered a kot to stand on as she got hoisted towards the figurehead and the keel. She could see bonds tearing away between the planks, and that was all she needed to see. She pulled on the sturdy rope a few times, and Fin started pulling her up.

"We need to get everything off of the ship. If it deteriorates at that rate, then the ship will be spare parts in a couple of nights.

Everybody go!" She barked, heading straight for the captain's quarters, where all of her belongings were. Before closing the door, she barked again; "And dress ready to fight!"


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