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Skyways Seven by Silent Jack Rakes

Death. Pain. Destruction. Loss. Such is the result of an Armada attack. Such is the story of my life. At the tender age of nine my parent's ship fell to Deacon's ship, The Revenge. My parents…didn't make it. Nine years later, I was captured by the same ship, only to be sprung from jail and have that faceless coward escape yet again. I look forward to my revenge. Then I met Avery. The swindler. The cheat. Then one day he went to far...

"What?! A disgrace to piratedom? I single handedly ended the Troggie bombardment, dispatched Fin, and brought your omelet-" "Amulet!" Avery said, his voice dangerously soft. I barely noticed. "WHATEVER! Not to mention the Falcon! Name one of your so-called mercenaries who can do that, you dog!" I exhaled deeply and realized I had now gone too far. I also intelligently figured out that I was dead. Gulp. Now it was Avery's turn to explode.

"You go to far, Jack Rakes! I sent out a messenger ship to Marleybone and it was intercepted by the Frogfather! No one but you and the captain of the ship knew the way, and the captain died!" I felt a sinking feeling in my chest. "Who told you this?" I asked.

"My first mate. Fin. Jack Rakes, I hereby banish you from my court and island. Come back under pain of death." I blinked furiously to keep tears from my eyes and screamed." Please! Is there…" My voice trailed off. Avery's face hardened. "Yes. The wheel and flag of Calvin Kidd, the Frogfather’s lieutenant. I will give you forty eight hours to leave. Go." Biting my lower lip, I left the hall.

I wept. This was the only home where I had happy memories. Memories of my parents. I had lived a formal life with the prince of Marleybone after they died. I cried myself to sleep that night.

I awoke to one of my satin pillows hitting my chest. Startled, I leaped out of my bed and pointed my Valencian rapier (funny, I thought that was only for decoration) at the intruder. The large form dominated the room. "Relax." His deep monotone of a voice was just above a whisper. I had a feeling his shout would shake dust from the ceiling. "I heard about Avery's unfair play against you. My best pupil, your cousin, Heath, refused to stand by and talked to Avery. He was banished and decided to come with you." Mordekai stepped aside to reveal a figure wearing gray plated armor, hiking boots, and a wickedly curved bronze helmet. A sash covered one eye, under which two jagged scars poked out. He held a huge gold battleaxe.

"Jason," I breathed, scarcely able to believe it. “Your eye…" "Was taken out by an Armada Marine in the Isle of Doom." he replied curtly. “I’ve been trying to establish a treaty with Monquista. Gortez is chained under Gunn's hideout as we speak." I was stunned.

"G-Gortez? How…" Jason put a hand up.

"Long story. Anyway, business. I've spoken with your crew and most won't come. Only Valvida."

"And your crew?" A pained look flashed across his face." Dead. My ship was crushed in the Monquistan Stormgate." This was too much. How was I supposed to find a crew when I was an outcast? Mordekai silently left the room. Jason leaned closer.

“I do know two Swashbucklers that would help us. They hang out in Brawling Hall." I rubbed my eyes and leaned back. This was going to be hard.

I exhaled deeply and looked up at the skull and swords of Brawling Hall. Last time I was there I had almost died. Jason eyed me and answered my thinking, “I’ll do the talking." Straightening my posture, I followed him in. Inside, two pirates dueled each other. One had black hair that hung down to his shoulders, a leather bandolier and cruel features. The other was an extremely pretty woman with leather padding, and two wickedly sharp black daggers.

"Jason! Long time, no see." The blonde called. I was confused.

"You know them?" I asked, brow furrowed. Jason introduced me to Jack Easton and Aurora Cormac. That's what I recognized! Helena Cormac and Gilroy Templeton were- are my partners in the sweet trade. Jack turned out to be extremely cunning, and led us off subject more than once. Aurora was kind and amiable.

"Will you help us?" Jason finally asked. Jack smirked and Aurora frowned.

"You know our terms." She said. Jason flashed a coy grin.

"Whaddaya say to 800 pieces of eight apiece?"

Jack's smirk vanished.

"What?" Jason hefted a impressive sack of gold on the floor. Aurora prodded it with her boot and peered inside.

"This is all your money." Aurora whispered. Jason smiled.

"Not so. I'm Gunn's heir." Jack gaped. I eyed Jason. This man, my cousin, who was clad in iron plates that could be bought in Scrimshaw or Flotsam, was every pirate's hero? Unbelievable.

Jack regained his composure.

"This and a…battle will suffice." Jason hefted his battleaxe. Jack laughed.

"You think I'm going to fight while you have that? Get something less sharp."

Jason smirked and heaved a jagged but dull two-handed axe onto his shoulder. Less maiming, but no less deadly. We each took our places at opposing sides of the hall. I drew my Monquistan saber, very sharp and finely balanced, and a pistol. I'm a rather fine Musketeer. Jason ran to confront Aurora. Someone kicked me in the back, sending me to the floor. I rolled over just in time to block Cunning Jack Easton's twin daggers. I leaped up and kicked him in the stomach with both feet. He cartwheeled into the shadows…and kicked me in the back again. I whirled around and unloaded my pistol on him, weakening him greatly. I put my foot on his chest and pointed my saber at him.

"Yield." He dropped his daggers and put up his hands. I sheathed my saber. Jack panted.

"Alright, we help you."


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