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A Pirate's Story by Darling Arthur Killerny

“Aha,” cried Deacon, “Got you now and there is no place for you to run!”

“Quick this way,” yelled my friend Dead-eye Mathew Hawkins. We had just knocked out three of the Armada solders, but more kept coming.

I don’t know why exactly Deacon had us singled out of the crowd, maybe by the looks on our faces the slight way Mathew kept checking to see if we were being watched. I don’t know. What would the Armada want with us orphans?

We slipped through a small tent on the side, selling dream catchers, and went down a back alley to Mathew’s ship, a Frigate with two masts, on the docks. We set sail from Scrimshaw towards Flotsam Skyway when Deacons’ ship started firing on us, and it wasn’t long before they pulled alongside and boarded us.

“Great,” I said “Now what, Matt?”

“Not sure,” Mathew’s reply came “I guess we fight!”

“Yeah right,” I thought. Mathew was the fighter not me. He had all the fancy moves and such grace when he swung his sword. I had a sword, yes, and a shield, but I couldn’t us them like he could. Best I could do was use a little magic to protect myself.

So I was a little surprised when the Armada shot Mathew in the arm and stunned him. I thought I was the one going to get shot. I ran to his side and used a trick my mother had taught me, before she went to sea with my father, to heal his arm, but the Armada troops grabbed us and separated us.

“Good,” said Deacon “Take them aboard then sink this...‘boat.’”

Down in the hold we passed a strange looking “goose?” He watched us as we passed.

We were there about two hours, I think, I’m not sure exactly, when I heard a sound like, bombing. Broadside combat! We were going to be saved! About half an hour later a strange looking man, and an equally strange and monkey, entered the passage way.

“Is this the one?” asked the monkey.

“Arr, maybe so!”

The man told me he and the monkey where from Skull Island, and where there to get me out. He pulled on the bar but the door was stuck. Suddenly the far wall blew in and the man told me to go through there and come around. I ran through and passed the goose again who called out

“Help me, please!”

I ran over and tried kicking the door in. No good it was stuck too. “Fine” I thought this will work. I threw me whole weight against the door and, with his help pulling; we broke it at the hinges.

“Thank you. Pirate?”

“I guess I am now” I replied and smiled at him. Then the man, with the monkey, called out and told us to come before the ship sank on me. We came around the corner when I remembered Mathew Hawkins was somewhere down there too.

I yelled “We have to save my friend!”

“Oh, alright I will get him.” The monkey said.

We went out on the deck of the ship and there was Deacon just standing there looking at us. “Get them! They must not get away!”

Then Boochbeard, for that was the name of the man, told me how to fight, with the laws of honor and strategy that was used throughout the entire Spiral. I fought the Armada War Angels with the goose’s help then we ran towards Deacon to get our revenge but he used a spark thrower and shocked us all back, and then he disappeared.

BoochBeard said “Get to the ship you’ll have to pilot it! Monkey!!!!” I got on board his ship and saw that Mathew had gotten on with the Monkey. “Safe I thought.” Not quite there were more Armada ships firing on us.

“Sail for Skull Island,” BoochBeard said, “it is a safe haven for pirates like us. When there find Captain Avery he is a friend of ours, and he will help you.”

Once we docked I set out, with Mathew, and found Avery in a house at one end of the island.

“You, my boy, are a privateer!!” Avery said, “Mathew here, yes, he and I have met before, told me about the way you healed him, and that is the sign of your class in battles, the healer!

“Enjoy your stay on Skull Island! We have lots of things here for you to do, and, come to think of it I need your help right away with a shark named Fin Dorsal.....”

“So that is how I came to Skull Island and learned my class, but now I am of to the strange world of Cool Ranch. What’s that? Oh, nooo, my dear friend I didn’t get there right after I dealt with Fin. You want to know the whole story?? Well I am sorry to disappoint you but I just got a letter from Dead-eye Mathew that said that the next piece of the map to Eldorado is somewhere there in Cool Ranch. Oh, but before I go I should tell you that Egg Shen, the goose, joined my crew and is one of my best fighters, but then he should be he is a pirate and he owes me his life.

“Don’t you worry I will be back when I know more about my parents but if you must know more right now about them ask Lucky Jack Russell, the Pirate standing over there. He will tell you more. But now I am off to help Mathew with the hunt for Eldorado. Oh and one more thing before I go. When I get back I will tell you the whole part of this Pirate’s story.”


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