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Pirate Tales (Part I) by Madison Windlass

Madison Windlass awoke to a sunny day on Skull Island. As she ventured out, a certain pirate caught her eye. His name was Bold Brady Windlass. It was Madison's brother. "Ahoy, Brady!" She called out to him. "Ahoy!" Brady answered back, waving his hand at his sister. Madison smiled and went on her way. "Where am I going again, Bonnie?" Madison asked her first mate, Bonnie Anne, as the twosome came to Avery's Court. "To sink some Cutthroat ships, perhaps?" Madison sighed, Bonnie Anne loved to set sail and sink ships. Well, they couldn't really sink ships, since all the ships on Pirate 101 flew.

Bonnie Anne was an adventure-loving fox who had a nose for trouble. "Bonnie!" Madison Windlass said with force. Bonnie sighed and said, "We were on our way to Rapa Nui to trade items, until the sun went down and we headed for home." "That's better." Madison replied. Then a mean looking pirate named Jenna Yellowfish came up to Madison. "Some first-mate you have. She doesn't even listen to you." Jenna sneered. Then she waltzed away. "Who in the name of Skull Island is that?" Bonnie Anne asked Madison Windlass.

"I don't-" Madison started before Bonnie Anne interrupted her. "I do not appreciate that girl to say things like that to me! How dare she? I'm going to teach her a lesson or two." Bonnie said before starting after Jenna Yellowfish. "Wait-" But Madison stopped. Bonnie Anne whirled around, eyes angry, "Yes?!" "Actually, I'd like to see how this plays out." Madison corrected herself.

"Thank-you." Bonnie said as she turned around to scan the crowd for Jenna. When she spotted her, Bonnie Anne trotted to Jenna Yellowfish. "What's in your head?" Bonnie asked Jenna. Jenna glanced behind her and then turned completely around to face the angry fox above her. "Oh, it's you." Jenna said. "Is that it?" Bonnie Anne asked. Jenna Yellowfish had a perplexed look on her face.

"What makes you think you can sashay up to innocent pirates and criticize them, and their first-mates, Jenna?" Bonnie fumed.. "I-" Was all that Jenna could muster out of her mouth. Her companion and first-mate, Louis Le Bisque, a crab harpooner, said to Bonnie Anne, "Watch yer tongue, fox." Bonnie sputtered and placed a hand on her gun. "Yers too, crab." Bonnie Anne replied.

Jenna placed her hand on the hilt of her sword. Oh brother. Madison thought. She didn't want to duel a buccaneer with swash-buckler training. "So sorry." Madison Windlass said pulling Bonnie Anne away from the pirate. "Better be." Jenna Yellowfish said under her breath.

"THAT'S IT!" Bonnie Anne yelled. She loaded her gun and opened fire on Jenna and Louis. Jenna yelped as Bonnie shot at her. Louis Le Bisque pushed Jenna Yellowfish out of the way and took the damage. After a while a crowd of pirates surrounded them. Bonnie Anne just barely knocked Louis out and aimed for Jenna.

Jenna had little health, and with one last blow from Bonnie would knock her out. When Bonnie Anne fired at Jenna everything seemed to go in slow motion. Madison panicked and then grabbed a shield from a unsuspecting pirate in the crowd and tucked-n-rolled over to Jenna.

Madison Windlass kneeled down and held up the shield to protect herself from the sparks. "ENOUGH! THAT'S ENOUGH!" Someone yelled from the crowd. Bonnie stopped firing to see who dared speak. Captain Avery stepped out from the crowd. "Bonnie Anne, I will see you in my office, and there will be punishments.

Madison lowered the shield and stood up. "Why'd you do that?" Jenna Yellowfish asked Madison, "Save me?" She was laying down on the ground, and was injured. "Because-" Madison paused. She really didn't know why she helped Jenna.

"Bonnie." Captain Avery said leading Bonnie Anne to his office. "Coming." Bonnie Anne answered. "Uh, help her, please." Avery said, beckoning towards Jenna. Four or five pirates, most of them voodoo pirates, rushed towards Jenna and picked her up. "What shall we do with her?" One asked. "Take her to the voodoo witch." Avery answered. "She has a name." A pirate named Henri said, "It's Madame Vadima."

"I really don't care. Just get her there, please." Avery said, leading Madison Windlass' first mate to his office. The pirates carried Jenna to Madame Vadima. As Jenna and the pirates entered Madame Vadima's lair, Madison rushed towards Bonnie and Avery to face the consequences of her foolish companion.

"It's all over. Nothing to see here, so go back to your business." Avery said to the crowd of pirates. Madison tossed the pirate back his shield like a Frisbee and the crowd immediately scattered and went on with their quests and treasure hunts.

To be continued...


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