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My Pirate101 Story by Dark Daniel Kidd

I felt the beads of sweat on my forehead begin to disappear. I seemed safe for now. I glanced to the girl to my left. Isabella smiled and looked behind the crates, instantly ducking down as an electric blast barely missed her hair. Okay, so we weren’t safe. I silently counted to three with my fingers and began to run away from the crates we were hiding behind. And, as we were running, I thought I heard a mocking tone in Deacon’s voice. “You were better off on Skull Island, foolish pirate!” He shouted after me. Suddenly, two armada troops with axes stepped in front of us, seemingly coming out of nowhere. I looked around for a place to hide. There was nowhere. We were surrounded.

Now this is where I tell you that I, Dark Daniel Kidd, took out my sword, chopped off the armada troops heads, and kept on running. Well, I don’t like lying. Wait- yeah I do. I’m a pirate. Duh. Anyways, you’re probably wondering just how I got here. Well, I’ll tell you.

It was a beautiful day on Skull Island. I was sick of it. A nice, cool night in Marlybone would have been so much better for me. Unfortunately, the guards of the stormgate had decided that I now needed crowns. I was one of the most respected pirates in the Skyways- this was ridiculous! But I wasn’t about to threaten Marlybone, so I flew off in my ship, The Grand Bounty, and loaded off some steam on cutthroats ships. The Grand Bounty was an excellent ship- other than the fact that it was from Skull Island. I mean, no offense, I was born there, but I was raised in Marlybone, and Skull Island has never had much appeal to me. The Grand Bounty was an abnormally large frigate- with completely decked out stats and parts from all over the spiral. Mooshu cannons, anchors from Cooper’s Roost, many other parts, and my classic red-and-black-wolf flag. A pretty decent ship that can pack a punch, never mind the fact that it’s also a quiet ugly ship. After blowing up a couple of those sharks out of the sky, I decided to return to my home. Because I had bought the Cutthroat Bundle from a shady guy who I didn’t know, I had the absolutely gigantic Castaway Island.

On my island, I walked to my room which served as kitchen, where I took a fresh apple and a two nice oranges (both are quiet rare to get without worms or bugs in them) and took a bite out of each. I smiled at my sword and thought, Cruel Isabella James, Cruel Isabella James, over and over again. Eventually, her face shimmered onto the sword.

“What is it? I’m a little busy here!”

“With what?”

“Monkeys and robots!” She shouted, as if that explained everything. I sighed. “I need a little bit more info than monkeys and robots.” She looked at me, and then the sword-image shimmered again. She must have been moving her staff (she’s a witchdoctor). All of a sudden, I saw armada men and Monquistans fighting each other. Based on the scenery, she was in Monquista, and the sun was high in the noon sun, as it always is. I frowned. Armada troops in Monquista? Something’s wrong with that idea. Seriously wrong with that idea. I watched, forgetting that Isabella was there for a moment. The image shimmered again back to Isabella, and she was frowning at me, reflecting my own facial expression. It made me crack a smile, the way her mouth curves when she’s annoyed. She rolled her eyes at the sight of my smile. “See?” she said. I nodded. “Looks like you’re in a tight spot. Want help?”

“No, that’s okay.”

“Alright. See you tonight!” I waved my sword in the air and her image disappeared. I bet you’re wondering why I said that last part to her. Well, I was holding my annual “Festival of Magic” party tonight. At this party, we celebrate the ancient stories of us pirates having “wizard” counterparts in other unknown parts of the spiral. The legend goes that a long time ago, when the spiral was created, an ancient tree and a great bird created many different worlds into the spiral-some more dangerous than others. Some of the spiral worlds were created twice, so that there were two different areas to explore- and then the stories get really strange. They say that there were some worlds where only one of the two aspiring races of humans could enter- wizards and pirates. I always thought pirates must be way better. After all, we do have to do more strength-wise. Wizards just flick their wands and wave their staffs and magic happens. Boom. Us pirates actually charge into battle and attack with our strength and will. I do believe that there are wizards. I just don’t like them much. And that’s why meeting one was such a huge deal for me.

Next time, I learn just why this festival is held so seriously- and about my terrifying encounter with the other world.


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