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Piecing Together the Past by Merciless Emma Jenkins

Laughter rang out from across the room in the Kraken Skulls Tavern. Emma stood up and asked, “What’s so funny?” They didn’t hear her. Emma shrugged and sat back down as the waiter came by.

“Good evening miss. Would you like yum-sap, yum-ale, yum-”

“Just yum, thanks.”

“Alright. Anything else?”


“Okay then.” The waitress scribbled on a note pad and left. Emma checked the time on the big grandfather clock across the room. She was waiting for her crew to arrive. She did tell them 5:30, didn’t she?

She was just about to call them using Pacey, her All Purpose Compass, when she was hit with a bust of pain. It felt as though a million blood hornets were stinging her skull. When all the sudden, it stopped. Emma remembered something, something that felt as if it happened yesterday, yet at the same time years ago. Emma was at the kitchen table, her Mother was washing dishes.

“Emma,” She called. “Have you finished your math homework yet?”

“Erm, yes?”

Her mother fixed her with a stare. “Emma, I know you’re lying. Go do it.”

“Fine.” Emma walked up to her backpack and pulled out a worksheet. It was division. She HATED division.

The doorbell rang just then. And again. And again.

“Mom, aren’t you going to get the door?”

Her mother looked at her as if she were speaking a foreign language.

“The doorbell's not ringing, honey.”

Emma’s brow furrowed. She got up to get the door that was apparently not ringing. But just as she was about to touch the doorknob, the bell stopped. Just then, the rest of the crew came in. Ratbeard, Sarah Steele, Bonnie Anne, they were all here. Except...

“Where’s Sharky?”

“He’s got a name.” Sarah replied. “It’s El Tiburon. And he refused to come.”

“Fine with me. And the waiter. Remember that time when she fainted at the sight of him? Now sit down before someone takes your seats!”


Emma lay awake in her bed. That memory. Where had it come from? She didn’t know anything about division, why would she? She was a pirate. Her job was mainly to attack ships and, attack ships! Besides, Sickly Ned Turner, her crab hermit, was the navigator. He was the only one who knew anything about about math! And her mother? She died years ago thanks to those Cutthroat Ships. And even if she was alive she couldn’t’ve washed dishes. She didn’t even own a sink! It must’ve come from my imagination, thought Emma.

“It’s completely illogical.” She said to herself and drifted off to sleep.

Emma had barely closed her eyes when the stinging began.

“Arrggghhh!” She screamed. As before, the stinging stopped as suddenly as it came. And a new memory formed in her mind.

“Yes!” Emma cried.

“What is it?” Her mother said.

“Oh, nothing. Just that I got to the next level on this awesome game!”

“Well, I’m happy for you. Now, I’m going to go water those tomatoes. It hasn’t rained for days.”

“Okay.” Emma mumbled, absorbed in her game once more. The minute her mother stepped out the door, the phone rang. Emma paused her game and went to get it. She had told her friend to call her today, so maybe it was her.


“Erm, hello there.”

“Who are you?”

“I’m uh, Mr... Boochbeard.”

“Would you like to speak to my mom?”

“Um, no thanks. What’s your name?”

“Emma Jenkins.”

Emma heard excited whispering that sounded something like, “Gandry, you were right! It IS her!”

“Sorry, I’m... who?”

“Erm, nothing. Oh, look at the time! I need to go.”

“Okay, bye.”

Who’s Mr. Boochbeard? And how does he know Mr. Gandry? Emma thought. Well, Beachbeard does sound like Boochbeard. Maybe they’re cousins or something... Emma yawned, and fell asleep.


The wind blew Emma’s hair across her face. She knew the memories must be real, because they sure felt that way. She remembered living near the sea, so Emma directed her Monquiston Ship as low as she dared, for fear any lower the pressure would be too great, gravity would take control, and The Dona Sophia would plummet to the sea far below. While Emma didn’t want that to happen to her ship, plummeting to the sea below was exactly what she was intended to do. She had used all her money to buy the longest rope she could find, which was thousands of feet long. She tied one end of that rope around her waist, and the other around the mast. Emma stood at the edge of her ship, fingered her talisman, whispered, “Sky protect me.” And jumped.

Almost instantly, gravity took a toll and Emma fell like a rock. Her eyes watered. She grew very thirsty thanks to the intense wind slamming into her face. The sea was getting closer, and as luck would have it, about 50 yards away was a beach. There was still hundreds of feet left of the rope, and Emma braced herself for impact. But then the stinging began...

It was the middle of the night, and Emma was wide awake in her bed. Why? She didn’t know. But something, or someone was outside her door, she was sure of that. Emma sat up in bed.

“Hello?” She called.

Her bedroom door creaked open. Emma got of her bed and peered outside.

“Hello?” She tried again. There wasn’t anyone outside her door. Emma crept out of her bedroom and into the living room.

“Anyone there?” Something moved behind her, Emma turned around.

“I know you’re here! Show yourself!” She said. There was more rustling. Then, as quietly as she could, she crept over to the kitchen, opened the kitchen drawer, looked around in there for a bit, and pulled something out.

Emma walked back over to the living room, laid down on the couch and pretended to be asleep. After a few minutes something approached her. Emma gripped the sharp cooking knives behind her back until her knuckles turned white.

“Is this her?” Someone said.

“Hard to say. Sure looks like her though.” An all too familiar voice replied.

“You never answered my question.” Emma said and opened her eyes. “Who am I?”

“Erm, you’re...” A figure that looked like Santa Claus said.

“I’ve got knives behind my back. So tell me. And is that a monkey?”

“Yes, that IS a monkey and you are-”

“If that’s a monkey, why is he wearing clothes?”

“Because I’d be naked if I didn’t.” The monkey said in a thick accent.

Emma stood up and widened her eyes. “Did you- did he just?”

“Talk? Well of course I talk. Who doesn’t?”

“But I, but he, but they can’t-” Emma stammered, and fainted.

Boochbeard and Gandry! Of course! But why? Emma thought. Just then Emma hit the water, the freezing cold water that instantly chilled her to the bone. Quickly, she swam to the nearby beach to dry off.

Once on the beach, Emma looked around quickly for a life fountain. That’s strange, Emma thought after seeing none.

“Did you fall out of the sky? Are you an Angel? Are you an Angel Pirate?” A small voice asked her.

Emma turned around to see a small girl around the age of four clutching a doll like none Emma had ever seen. This doll had perfect hair and facial features, was wearing a fancy dress, and was internally transfixed in a fashionable smile.

“Angel Pirate, are you deaf? ‘Cause I asked if you fell out of the sky.”

“Erm, yes. I did fall out of the sky.” Emma stammered, and looked back up at her ship, or rather, where her ship would’ve been. It seemed to have disappeared in thin air.

“Kaylie! Come back inside! I didn’t say you could go out to the beach!”

“Coming, Mummy! Bye, Angel Pirate.” Kaylie said and raced back to her house up the hill a little ways off the shore, but not before a woman came out. A very familiar woman. Almost the exact same woman Emma had seen in those memories. Just then, the woman looked at her.

“Emma?” The woman asked as her eyes widened in disbelief.



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