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The Making of a Legend (Part 1) by Madison Windlass

The time has come, for me to share my story. My parents were lost to the... Armada. It happened when I was two. Now I am twelve. Almost ten years I have been alone, fending for myself. Deciding my fate. And that fate led me to be a Musketeer. To Marleybone. And led me to a crew, captain, and a ship, but that didn't last too long.

"But Captain! You can't just..." "Oh yes I can, missy." Captain Crawdaddy told me in a sneer. "But, I'm better than your entire crew! You need me!" I franticly said. He was bootin' me from his ship and crew. "That may be so, but you need me. And I'm stranding you. What are you gonna do now, Madison Windlass?" Crawdaddy asked.

The truth was, I wasn't sure what I was going to do. His successful plunders and loots had helped clothe and feed me. And now he was cutting my pay and leaving me stranded on a deserted island, the way he always did with stowaways.

It was true, I was a stowaway. But I proved my worth to Captain Crawdaddy and became his first mate. I had just turned eleven when I snuck aboard the ship. "But-but I'm your first mate! Who else could possibly take my place?" I said looking at the rag-tag crew.

Daniel Hawthorn was staring at me sympathetically. He and I were best friends. Crawdaddy started chuckling. So did the crew. Except Daniel. "Listen kid, you've gotta lot of spunk. I like that. So that's why you can fend for yourself better than any of these seadogs. I trust that you will be ok on your own." Crawdaddy confessed.

I couldn't believe my ears. Had my captain, whom I've been so loyal to, just stripped me of my rank of first mate? It seemed so. I sighed and shook my head, "Fine Cap'n. You want me gone, you got it. Let me just say one last thing.." I said. I bounded forward and took the pistol out of Crawdaddy's holster and his sword from his side. I held up both weapons to his head.

"So, Cap'n. Just you and me. Let's go a few rounds." I jerked my head to the center of the ship. The captain eyed me curiously, "You have a lot of pride. That can getcha killed real easy." Captain Crawdaddy took the weapons from my hands. I replaced them with my own pistol and sword.

Only after a few minutes, I was starting to tire out. The crew could tell too. "C'mon Cap'n! Finish 'er off!" I could hear them yell. Crawdaddy swung his sword, but I deflected it with my sword and then shot my pistol. Captain dodged the blast and as I shot again, he hit the spark with his sword in front of his face.

He lunged at me and his tentacle wrapped around my left leg. "Hey! No fair!" I yelled. I raised my pistol and shot the tentacle. Crawdaddy shrieked in pain and withered off of me. He tripped me in the process and stood above me. The salty wind blew the hair off my face. Crawdaddy was standing above me, weapons poised at my throat. We were both breathing hard.

The crew cheered. "As I said before. I want you GONE!" Captain yelled. I got up unsteadily, "I never thought it would come down to this." I gathered my belongings, only fitting in a cloth pouch, and went to starboard of the ship. I stared at the horizon as the ship descended to a small island. I breathed in sharply, obviously afraid.

A tap on my shoulder startled me. It was Daniel. "Oh, uh, ahoy Daniel. I didn't do so well, did I?" I said. Daniel shook his head, "No! You did better than any of us would've done! I wouldn't have lasted three seconds against Crawdaddy! That was mighty brave of you. And I want to come with you." I blushed but then shook my head too, "No Daniel, you said you wouldn't last against the captain, then how would you survive on a deserted island? It too dangerous, I'm sorry."

Daniel brushed his sandy blonde hair out of his blue-green eyes. He was about to say something when the ship suddenly stopped without warning next to the island. The piece of rubble had a beautiful lake under us. "Oh no. He's gonna..." I said. But then two crew members lugged out a long board of wood and set it on the railing. "Send me off the plank." I finished.

Daniel had a terrified look on his face. I think he was more frightened than I was. "Off the plank you go, and good luck." Crawdaddy said. I stepped onto the plank, "Filthy pirates." I went to the very end and looked down. "Pretty far jump, don't cha think Captain?" I asked.

Crawdaddy rolled his huge eyes, "Get it done with, girl." I glanced back at the crew, back at Daniel. I took a deep breath and lunged into the water. I dived deep down and then floated up. I broke the surface, gasping for air. Then all of a sudden, something hit the water. Are they shooting cannons at me, after they made me jump? I wondered.

I looked up at the hovering ship. None of its cannons were aimed at me. Then Daniel floated next to me. "Daniel? They made you jump too?" I asked in astonishment. "Uh, ya. That's what they did. Made me jump." Daniel said unsure of himself. "Have fun with your little friend! He wanted to join you so badly, so we let him!" Crawdaddy yelled as the ship flew away.

To be continued...


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