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Life Lost Discovery Found by Golden Melody Ashburn

Fiery Valeria Ire was one of the most famous Buccaneers in the Spiral. She never turned down a quest; She never turned down an ally! One week, she was completing a quest in order to fulfill a Favor Trade. Frogfather owed her a favor, but because of what the favor was, he had to transfer it. He was sworn to secrecy. While Valeria was searching up and down, she found Ratbeard burning Captain Gunn's Will!

"Why would Ratbeard do such a thing?" Bonnie Anne thought aloud.
"Duh, he's Ratbeard. What do you expect, Mr. Nice Guy Charity Case?" Retorted Koji.
"But still, if he was the one that found it--" Bonnie Anne started.
"Shut your Punkin' Pie Holes, I'm thinking!" Valeria was getting annoyed with Ratbeard. She'd been on his tail for so long.
"What could you possibly be thinkin' of at a time like this?" Jack questioned.
"Unicorns and Rainbows. WHERE RATBEARD COULDA GONE!"
"Didn't you see him jump out the window?" Just like Bonnie Anne, constantly stating the obvious.
"Shut up."
"Well, at least we can read a little bit...most of it, actually..." Sarah Steele discovered.
"And...?" Valeria urged her to go on.
"He says to go to his house for the first clue. The burnt part probably had a shortcut." Sarah shared.
"So that's why he did it!" Bonnie Anne exclaimed.
"No duh." Koji shot back.
"Well, now that we have an idea of where we are goin' next, we gotta get there before Ratbeard!" Valeria exclaimed.
They all ran out the door of Ratbeard's Ship's cabin, racing against the clock, and Ratbeard in order to be the first ones at The late Captain Gunn's House.

They battled Cutthroats, Waponis, and various creatures and enemies in the Skyways for hours before they made it to Gunn's House. But once Valeria's hand was on the knob, a gunshot was heard, and Bonnie Anne collapsed. And Ratbeard was behind them on the dock, with a smoking gun.
They entered the house, without Bonnie Anne. It was to late for her. Ironic, too. Considering she is a Musketeer...
"There is the Cask Gunn mentioned in his will!" Koji exclaimed.
"...GO OPEN IT!" Valeria ordered.
Koji bashed the lock and found the first clue. A young life lost for an old life's clue. The hunt has just begun. And they are about to get rich beyond their wildest dreams.


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