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Legend of Akhra (Chapter 2) by Nimble Ginelle Quinn

Chapter two: The legend of Mylfor and Grimm’s Legacy

We ran out of the cabin, our boots thudding on the courtyard ground. I caught a glimpse of Shade playing with Gwen while the other dragons slept on the hard stone. We continued running until we saw Professor Robinson sitting on a stone bench, writing in his notebook as always.

I approached him first. “Professor, where is Serena?”

He looked up with a smile. “Hello Alex, Puma, it’s good to see you out and about. What do you need to tell Serena?”

“Something very important,” Puma growled. “It’s about the treasure of Akhra. The other Shadow Thieves know about Cassandra. Cassandra is going to try to steal all of the map pieces for this guy called Newhall!”

The Professor put his notebook away and got up. “She’s inside Prismhawk’s office. I should come with you, because this is a serious matter.”

We entered the main building, walking into an open room with a set of stairs, a table, two chairs, and a large Armada rose plant. We climbed the stairs to the second floor, which had to be the armory. It contained weapons, such as spears, swords, cutlasses, shields, axes, and knives. I actually saw a few Armada Marine bulwarks and Armada Musketeer rifles. There were also a few bows and arrows too. After looking around, Professor, Puma, and I climbed the next set of stairs.

The third floor contained three rooms. Two were empty offices, but one door was closed. The sign on the door read Captain Prismhawk’s office. Professor Robinson opened the door and we headed inside.

Serena and Marcus were sitting in chairs facing a wide desk. The Captain was sitting in an opposite chair and was talking to them in a silent voice. They all had glasses of water in their hands. Captain stopped talking and sat up straight. “Hello Professor, children, is there something you need?”

“Just a moment of your time,” Professor chimed. “The Shadow Thieves told the girls about Cassandra and what she wants. Cassandra is going to steal all of the treasure map pieces for Mayor Newhall. You remember him, don’t you Captain?”

Captain sighed and sat back. “Yes, I remember that man. He wasn’t much of a kind man, really, but he was pretty nice on some days. I haven’t been to Mylfor castle in a long while, and neither has Marcus here. I’m not much of a fan of the place, especially the fact that the castle is pink. It’s like a toddler’s paradise there.”

Marcus cleared his throat. “You also remember Grimm’s legacy, don’t you?”

Captain smiled broadly. “Of course I do. Grimm Newhall, the Mayor’s father…he was definitely a nice man. He was the artist who owned the hotel and the Abandoned Lighthouse. He grew up in Ezra Nova, and he died in Clear Sky the night the fog from the hurricane rolled in. The hurricane hit Soren and Akhra, leaving a treacherous fog behind. That’s why the renegade airship crashed into the lighthouse and killed him. And that’s also why Newhall isn’t always kind. When the next hurricane came, the one caused by Whistletone’s brothers, the people of Ezra Nova named it after Grimm. It’s his legacy.”

“Wow,” Puma said. “So, what does this have to do with the treasure?”

Captain frowned and slumped over his desk, thinking. “I am not too sure, really. I have no idea why Newhall would be interested in the treasure. He doesn’t care about riches of any sort. Something must’ve happened to make him want Cassandra to steal the pieces of the map. We already have at least three pieces; one of Akhra, one of Mylfor, and the piece of Novice Order. There is still one piece left: The Storm Gate to Neona Skyway. That’s the skyway of Akhra and Soren. It’s in Mylfor castle, but Newhall doesn’t know.”

I was amazed. “How-or when-do we get there?” I asked.

Captain Prismhawk stood up. “Not now or anytime soon. I apologize, but Cassandra has been becoming a threat. She has three aerial submarines in her control, and she’s threatening to attack the blockade to get to you and steal your map pieces. Her ships are not powerful enough, and she’s clearly outnumbered. However, she’s trying to influence my Shadow Thieves to join her. Nikita is off on a mission right now, and Cassandra is targeting her most of all.”

Serena chose the moment to speak now. “Well, we will stay as long as we must before there is no threat. Sometime soon we will have to leave, but we’ll stay for now.”

Captain smiled. “Thank you for informing me. Trust me, this threat should be long gone fairly soon. However, I advise you not to leave the fort, just for your own safety.”

We waved goodbye and climbed down the stairs. We walked all the way down to the first floor and left the building. The sun was below the horizon and night had quickly approached. Marcus and the Professor went to the men’s cabin already, not even hungry for dinner. Serena, Puma, and I walked to the kitchen, which there was a shortcut inside the women’s cabin to get there. The cooks had mutton and stew, and many Lumineers were eating at this time. We each got a bowl of stew and sat down at a small table.

“So girls,” Serena said, “The Shadow Thieves were pretty nice, were they?”

“Yeah, they were,” Puma said. “The one named Nigel likes Alex.”

I almost choked on a piece of potato from the stew, and Serena laughed. “Does he now? Is he handsome?”

I glared absolute fury at Puma, and then turned to Serena. “No, he was just playing around. You of all people know that Puma, you were there too!”

Puma grinned at me slyly. “He walked up to you and shook your hand. He smiled at you and introduced himself to you specifically. Don’t deny it, he likes you a lot.” She giggled, and I lowered my head and moaned.

Serena patted my back. “Hey, don’t be upset, Alexandria. Nigel sounds like a great kid and even if Puma’s right, so what? You too can just be friends.”

Puma snorted and laughed again. “Yeah, I bet they’ll be great friends,” she growled.

Serena stood up straight and dabbed her mouth with her napkin. “That was a great meal. I’ll see you girls soon,” she told us, and then headed back into the women’s cabin.

Puma was still laughing a bit when she sat up straight. “Hey, there he is now!” she exclaimed, pointing.

Nigel, Aura, and Harriet were sitting at a table and were eating stew. Harriet looked up, saw Puma and I, and shook Nigel’s shoulder to get his attention. He looked up and smiled in my direction. I gulped and tried to force a smile, but with Puma around it was pretty nerve-wrecking.

Once the cooks and remaining Lumineers left, the Shadow Thieves transformed into their true forms and walked over to our table.

“Hey guys, nice to see you out this late,” Harriet said, grinning. She turned to me. “Nigel has something to ask you.”

“Really?” I asked. “What do you want?”

Nigel cleared his throat. “I want to invite the two of you to come with us tomorrow night. We’re going to explore the tower walls. We have climbing ropes for you guys. Do you accept my offer?”

Puma raised her eyebrows at me. I sighed, took Nigel’s hand, and shook it. “You’ve got a deal, Nigel.” He grinned, his red eyes sparkling. “Alright then, show up at 8:30. We’ll be there, waiting for you.” With that, Harriet and he left the kitchen, except for Aura. He turned to me.

“Just so you know, Nigel likes you,” he said, and then he ran off to catch up with the others.

I groaned and held my hands on each side of my head. Puma burst out laughing, and I groaned even more.

Puma stood up. “Come on, it’s getting late, and we need to go to bed. You want to have enough energy for a night with your boyfriend tomorrow!”

I mumbled and followed her back into the women’s cabin. We said goodnight to Paolina and Serena, and we changed into our nightgowns. Puma leapt into her bed, and I climbed into mine. Before I went to sleep, I could hear shouting and laughing outside.

Nigel and the other Shadow Thieves were out and about tonight, I thought. I rolled over in bed, but still couldn’t quite fall asleep yet.

What Aura said really bothered me. Sure, I never had a crush before, but he likes me, not the other way around. And Puma is not helping me feel any better. Sometimes I wish the Armada would attack her, or some other terrible thing. Heck, maybe if she got on my nerves, I could have Victor get his Armada buddies to hunt her down. Then again, that’s pretty cruel, and she’s not to blame for any of this, so I’m going to forget that.

I yawned, pulling the covers over me, and then fell asleep.


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