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THe Justice Saga by Sly Chase Silver

I was trained by the Valencian Guard. Trained to fight for Justice. I am very skilled with a blade and can take down my trainer with three strikes. I work with an unspecified organization in Valencia. We work to overthrow the armada. My first mission as Captain of my squad force is to head to Marleybone to scope out a fellow named Dr. Benard Clockwork. He has a brilliant new time traveling device, operating on Celestian Technonlogy, which will allow us to stop the Armada’s new outpost in Azteca. Before Morganthe’s rise in power. So, I took my ship, and headed for the storm gate. We arrived in Marleybone just after Midnight, and found Benard in his workshop. He had his goggles on, and was welding metal for a new invention.

"Welcome” he said. “Now as you can zee, zee time travel device is quite small, so it will only fit two people. I myself picked the Monkey King as my Companion. Next thing we knew, we arrived in Azteca. It was a war zone. Dinosaurs fighting everywhere, smoke, and armada troops. Me and the monkey king zipped through them, my blade whistling as it sliced through the wind. The grass, soft on my feet, I stepped toward the pyramid. At the top was the King of the triceratops tribe. I bargained with him for control over his army.

Together, we fought off the armada forces. Then, we raided the outpost. While everyone was fighting, a found a strange symbol in the armada records, so, I went back to the time machine, and traveled to the modern era. I showed the symbol to Benard, and he said it represented Darkmoore. A wealthy family from Darkmoor, the Mastersons to be exact. I knew that Bat Masterson was fighting crime in Cool Ranch. But he was impossible to find. However, I was able to talk to Jim Masterson at a local market, he said that it had been years since any of the Mastersons had visited Darkmoor. But he said I could look in the old Masterson Mansion. He said there was still a butler there, who would be able to assit me. So I journeyed to Darkmoor, and the Butler told me that Bat Masterson had recently been staying there. He was talking to the Platypus that lived in the swamps. But why? He said he had recently gone for a meeting and gave me a map. I followed it, and found him trading spellbooks with the platypus. Spellbooks, with a mysterious new invention. A magical lantern, that would capture and release ghosts on command. I asked him what he was doing. He said that recently, there was word of an Armada outpost in Darkmoor, and he was preparing them for the fight. He took me back to Masterson Mansion, and he said the Mastersons have for many generations, fought evil. I brought word of this back to Valencia.

My Squad Leader, in this case Posideon Earth Shaker, then asked me to team up with the Mastersons to stop supernatural crime (and get rich) in Darkmoor. And So, The Justice Saga Begins . . .


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