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The Happy Pirate by D.S. Devereaux

The happy pirate is one in sunlight, one wedged between branches overlooking the loot; Upon passerby, he turns and smile as he pleases Casting pearly grins on even the feared.

Of course, the old barkeep never noticed! He busies himself with the muck on the panes; Even the Yum taps would always need polishing After every stray hand chanced a free swig.

The happy pirate unsheathes his sword, fencing with the breeze - Does he care about their previous losses? He takes to the bow of a fallen tree, ready to sail through what imagination throws at him.

The champion fencer notices for a moment:
The smiling lad in the skyways deep, atop a creaky raft.
Tipping her hat, the fencer sighs - as the sun rises, the Waponi emerge.

The happy pirate is without a coin
Plentiful in the youth he holds so dearly.
Watched over by all but governed by none, the happy pirate imagines on.


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