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Gunn's Gold and a Treasure Beyond Reckoning! Part 7 by Mark Dennis

Chapter 7 -- The Greatest Legends by Mark Dennis

"The Golden Monkey?" Salazar said, "It's a wondrous statue, taller than a tree! But I hear it's cursed! It may be Gortez's doom! We've been sending out scouts to try and find him. Our most recent one was lead by the Monquistador Criado. We lost contact with him about a week ago." Mark turned to his crew, "Well," he said, "We'd better get to it, then. Come on!"

"Be careful," Salazar continued, "I believe that there are things that Apes were not meant to disturb in the jungle. And that's Troggy country too, and believe me, they will not be merciful." The crew ran for the jungle.

Inside of the jungle, as the crew approached, they saw a group of Troggies running around. They looked to be ready for an attack. Everyone snuck by the Troggies without much of a problem. Soon after, they got to Criado's camp.

"No sign of Criado here," Ratbeard said, "Look for any signs of surivors!" The crew searched around the campsite for clues. They stopped once Bonnie found a rock.

"Look!" Bonnie said, "There's a message written in this rock! 'Overrun by Troggies, fleeing to cave southeast of here. Send help. C.' It's Criado! Let's find that cave!"

Isabella ran up a nearby hill. She found the cave southeast from the camp, guiding the crew over there. Once the rest of the crew got to the cave, a Monquistador crossbowman ran out of the cave. "Look!" he said to other Monquistadors coming out of the cave, "Live people! We are saved!"

"Erm-" Mark was about to say something when the Monquistador interrupted. "You are not here to save us? This is bad, we are doomed for certain!"


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