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A Finch Not So Tiny by Pilar Finch

Just then, a cannonball hit Pilar's cell doors. Someone was breaking her out. She stood up, trying to see who was breaking her out. All she could see was a boat, not a driver or crew. The crew must have been firing the cannonballs. Just then, a plump cat jumped off the boat and ran to her cell.

"Pilar Finch, right?" said the cat, "I'm Catbeard, don't ask who sent me, but we are breaking you out of this disgusting and horrible place."

Pilar smiled. "Thanks." she said.

They boarded the cat’s ship, and when they were far away from the insane asylum, "Catbeard" showed his true identity, an Armada goon. Wow, thought Pilar, their technology is getting more advanced.

"Where's the real Catbeard?" Pilar demanded.

"He's still in his cave, foolish one," said the goon, "and you are coming with us. You are now prisoner 5820. Remember that."

Pilar was angry. They tied her arms, and locked her in a cell below deck. She was on the boat for days, and totally bored. Then one day, that changed.

Pilar sat with her head in her hands, she'd heard a prisoner come in earlier, but didn't want to bother him or her. Then she heard a crash, and the boat rumbled. She stood up, found it hard to, and fell to the ground. Then, she heard, 'It's one of these cells, check the ones down there, monkey." then came an annoyed, "Yeah, I'm on it."

Just then, a monkey came to Pilar's cell. "Is this the prisoner we are looking for?" he said. Then, a plump man came by. "Hard to say." he said. He asked a lot of questions, and Pilar answered. Eventually, the plump one said, "I'm Boochbeard, and this is Gandry."

Bochbeard tried opening the door, but it jammed. Just then, a cannonball smashed the wall behind Pilar.

"Go around!" demanded Boochbeard.

Pilar went around, but she stopped. She saw the other prisoner. He was a goose. She knew that at the rate the cannons were firing, he would have no time to escape if she left him. She pulled the lever for his cage.

"I am Egg Shen," said the goose, "a monk from Mooshu. But I must ask, I have never seen such consideration from a pirate, why would you save me?"

"I don't want to see another family torn apart." Pilar said.

"I owe you, that is your way, right? How about, I find us a crew? Maybe you can have friends."

"That sounds nice. By the way, I'm Pilar, Pilar Finch."

Pilar and Egg rounded the corner, to see Boochbeard and Gandry. "Pirate, I must let you know we weren't paid to break out the other prisoner. We were only supposed to find you. The arranger won't like this."

"Calm down, monkey." said Boochbeard, "We have to get out of here!"

Leaving the ship wasn't a picnic, but the group eventually arrived in Avery's court. "I got an arranger lookin' fer ye." said Boochbeard, "Said ter meet 'im in some warehouse by the docks, said ye can't miss it."

Pilar and Egg found the warehouse. Inside was a collection of species and kinds, their leaders supposedly four humans who looked related.

"Hey, you guys she brought someone." the only girl of the leaders.

"Well, we could use him, if he wants." said the tallest of the four.

"Guys, we're creeping them out, let's just tell them what we want." said the shortest of them.

"Yeah guys." said the one with long hair.

"Fine." said the tall one, "I'm Errol, and this is Esperanza, Evan, and Elijah." He gestured to them as he said their name. "We're looking for crew members, and our crew is short of Privateers like you. We were going to offer you a spot on our crew, your friend can join if he wants. Your name is Pilar, right?"

"Yeah," said Pilar, "This is Egg Shen."

"Welcome to the family, you two." Elijah smiled.


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