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The Courage in the Wind: A Bison Tale by D.S. Devereaux

Author's Note: This Bison tale is a story told through many generations of chiefs and braves. Because of little research on the topic, this is the supposed origin of windlanes and windstones in general, though Marleybone is going through research on a chemical formula concerning these. This one's for you, Jack! -DSD

It is said that shortly after the eyes of Sister Snake were lost to the power of the land of the dead, her new eyes, those crafted of intricate magic, held the same power as that of windstones. To this day, no bison brave has dared find out. The windstones themselves, however, lie in the creation of Sister Snake by mere similarity in content.

One of our ancestors, Moon Flower, was one of Mighty Oar's powerful rowers, having mastered the art of the totem canoe. You may have heard of his greatness in the stories of any Mighty Oar descendant. Moon Flower had set off to investigate the horizon of his home skyway, something held in great esteem even though it wasn't very hard. Moon Flower rowed at a steady pace, trying to keep away from the unfriendly Sky Snakes and Buffaloons. However, he was struck by a mighty gust of wind, almost tipping the canoe over in shock. To his surprise, the wind blew him along towards the other end of the skyway. Upon grunting in frustration when escaping, the courage in his words touched the wind, coloring it a bright yellow. Little did he know, however, that the current of courage would flow straight through Isla De Los Muertos past the waterfall and cave of Sister Snake. Moon Flower rowed on.

However, the gust of wind kept blowing him to the side until he was all the way in Cooper's Roost. It was then that the wind grew to be fierce and made Moon Flower close his eyes. Perhaps then was the time when he realized the treachery of the horizon journey. Forcing his eyes open, Moon Flower found himself steering down a down-spiraling whirlpool, soon losing any control with his oar. Cowering in the totem canoe, Moon Flower found himself on his way to a farther-off land.

Soon after the event, maybe even the following morning, a council was held at the bison camp to discuss the whereabouts of Moon Flower.

Among the folk attending was the legendary Mighty Oar, concerned for his friend-at-arms. The chief at that time, Crystal Weaver, started the conversation.

“My scouts have returned with no findings of Moon Flower,” he sighed.

“Mine as well,” said another chief, Eagle Crag, “And my scouts are the finest in this land.” However, it was then that a great shadow enveloped the camp, shrinking as the body of Sister Snake compacted to adjust. Following her was Brothers Wolf and Owl.

“And I have found, here,” Sister Snake interrupted, parting the crowd with her elegance, “A remnant of your brave's words!” Mighty Oar, taken aback, left his mouth agape at the yellow matter surrounding Sister Snake. It pushed passerby away, yet straightened their postures and added smiles to younger scouts.

“It reeks of your warrior,” Brother Wolf added. He hastily bounded into the log house of meeting, settling just to the side of Crystal Weaver. Brother Owl watched from above, perching on the roof.

“It doesn't surprise me that he's gone traveling, with all the uncharted area here.” Brother Owl coughed under his wing, displacing a single feather. His curiosity also touched a gust of wind that was further off, having had a boost from Sister Snake's surrounding material. From this, Brother Owl created the pink windlane in Cool Ranch.

“That doesn't solve anything,” Eagle Crag complained, “If Moon Flower is in a distant land, then we cannot find him. It's impossible to sail without proper equipment for such winds.”

“You are right,” Mighty Oar said, closing his eyes, “On my canoes, I make sure that every one is prepared for those elements that challenge us.”

“This is true,” Sister Snake cooed, “For there are similar gems on the bows of the canoes – courage rubies, like so. They protect the navigator and all those in their protection from the harsh winds.”

Sister Snake flicked her tail, solidifying a bit of the air around her. Before the bison were an array of small stones. They pushed outwards from one another, using the unlimited wind inside as a source of propulsion. When each of the chiefs tried to grasp one, the stone sped away. However, Mighty Oar reached forwards once with his good hoof and pinned a gem to the ground. He lifted it and admired the simple beauty.

“It is your next quest, Mighty Oar,” Sister Snake said, “To find your warrior and bring him back.”

And so Mighty Oar complied. After many years of following the colored winds, Mighty Oar came in contact with Moon Flower, both of the canoes propelled by the stones of wind both bison held dear. Though it is unknown where the two are as of yet, it has been rumored that they are still busy paving the Spiral lanes with the help of their newly-created windstones. Also rumored is that the rest of Sister Snake's original stones granting access to the entire Spiral lie somewhere on Isla De Los Muertos, still concealed to this day. Those stones with enough courage breathed into them are in the treasured possession of many, though the ultimate treasure is nearly unheard of.

So sail Mighty Oar and Moon Flower, waiting for the bold adventurer to catch up at last and sail the open winds.


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