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Blockade by Brave Angus Ovingham

Darkness shrouded the skyway, nothing but the pale light of a waning moon, and the twinkling of the stars could be seen clearly. Captain Angus Ovingham steered the Green Vagabond straight ahead, no doubt in his mind of where he was, or what he was about to do. He was well aware of the Armada ships patrolling the skies, and the present danger of being discovered too soon. But that was the beauty of his little raft, small, a bit creaky, all in all a humble vessel. Then again, what kind of raft fisherman, that was the guise Angus hid under, would sail into an Armada blockade, especially one where fish were scarce? It was a risk worth taking for the taste of sweet revenge, and of course Angus felt a little pity. He almost scolded himself for it. What kind of pirate felt anything but a love of gold, and hatred for the Armada? But then, everybody has their secrets.

“Captain!” a harsh whisper jostled Angus out of his thoughts. “Our target is in sight!” It was Kobe Yojimbo, Angus's loyal samoorai first mate, and close friend.

“Prepare the boarding party.”

“Yes captain!” Sure enough, when Angus peered ahead into the shadows, an Armada ship loomed, anchored in the darkness. Angus steered expertly into place beside it, mast just below the deck rail. He dropped anchor, grabbed his boarding pike, a grappling rope, and took his place beside Kobe, as well as Barnabus and Bonnie Anne. Birgus Latro, Angus's parents' old shipmate stood behind, manning the raft.

“On my mark.” Angus whispered. Soon, he would taste victory, and have a little satisfaction in dealing a blow to the Armada.

“Captain, is this really where you were taken prisoner?” Bonnie Anne asked quietly.

“These very skies” Angus answered. “Ready... Kobe?” The samoorai snorted. “Steady... Now!” Angus gave the order and four grappling hooks launched on board the clockwork vessel. They clanked and bonked around before securing themselves on the rail. Making sure the ropes were secure, Angus and his crew climbed up onto the ship. Once on board, there were no immediate threats to deal with. Not surprising considering Armada influence scared most scoundrels in the area silly. But Angus was not from this area.

“To the brig!” Angus ordered quietly. “Don't attract unwanted attention. Barnabus, slow and steady now”

“Yes captain!” Barnabus whispered a little too loudly.

“Ssh!” Angus raised a hand to halt. Nothing stirred.

“Move!” Angus whispered. The pirates stepped as stealthily as they could, heading down some steps leading to below decks. Angus lead the way to the prison hold. Turning a corner, Angus saw two clockwork guards standing at attention, their backs to him. Angus motioned for his crew to stop. He reached into his pocket, and withdrew a small stone. He tossed it at some barrels down another hall. The clockworks turned suddenly, and headed for the sound, not noticing Angus and his crew crouched in the shadows.

“Now.” Angus moved up the hall where the clockworks once stood, and around another corner. There, cells were closed off by iron bars. In one cell, a figure could be seen, curled up, arms around the legs, and head in it's knees.

“That is what we came for?” Asked Barnabus.

“Kind of. I heard he had been captured by Armada officers in Grizzleheim.”

“Grizzleheim? Isn't that where you grew up? The captain cares.” Bonnie teased.

“After I acquired these explosives to disrupt this blockade.” Angus corrected. No one answered. Angus made his way to the cell. He turned.

“Start setting up the explosives in the powder room. I'll meet you on deck.” Kobe nodded, and lead the rest of the crew to their objective. Angus started picking the lock. The figure stirred.

“Toby, hey Toby!!” Angus whispered. The young bear, now much bigger since last Angus had seen him, looked up.

“Angus? Is that really you? HAHA! I never expected this!”


“Sorry.” Toby whispered. “What are ye doin' here lad?”

“We're going to blow this ship, and possibly a couple others if they line up just right. And Don't call me that!”


“'lad'. I'm older than you.”

“Aye, but only by a few months. And ye never passed yer trials. Ya never even tried. Took off before you were old enough.” He had a hurt tone.

“Look, I'm sorry Toby. It's just, I never really fit in. Never felt right.”

“Ah, it's all right. Don't beat yourself up over it. I passed though! Sailing and ax wielding are my strengths!” Angus finished the lock, clicking it open.

“Yeah, congrats n' all, but we got to move”

“Right.” Angus headed back the way he came, Toby close behind. They turned a corner and almost fell over two clockworks. One was chopped clean in half, wires sparking. The other was smoking from the chest, a ragged hole in the center. I'm surprised we didn't hear that, thought Angus, and he hurried past. Once on deck, Angus saw Kobe crouching by the rail.

“Come on, the charges are going off soon!” He noticed Toby, and his eyes went wide. “That's who we came for?”

“Aye, and I'll introduce you later. Lets go!” Angus huffed, and leaped over the rail. Toby followed, then Kobe. At the wheel, Birgus steered away, as wind caught the sails of their little raft. Several meters out, Angus looked back as the Armada ship exploded, sending fiery shrapnel, and exploding barrels everywhere. Angus grinned wickedly. “Toby, it's a pirate's life for me!”


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