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The Aephius by Silver Blake Ironside


Silver 'Blake' Ironside looked across from his family porch. He was around 12, with a distinct smirk on his face. All in all he spied about 32 Pirate ships in Jeonimo Harbour. He longed to be part of a crew, as he was rescued by the infamous Pirate Prince, Count Grotesque at the age of five. Now, eligible to become a pirate, he was determined to become the deadliest Pirate in the Spiral. "ARMADA!" came a piercing scream from the dock master, abruptly jolting Blake from his daydream. He franticly ran inside, heart racing as fast as a cheetah, indeed - right now he thought he could outrun one. He skidded into his absent father's bedroom and grabbed a rusty cutlass and a gleaming old-fashioned pistol. He was determined to protect the pirates from those treacherous goons.


"Prospel!" yelled Captain Avery. Prospel quickly snatched up his trusty - and rusty- metal spear out of his cabin chest. "Get up here!" the Captain ordered, "I need you to swing across to that mast and burn the deck with these" Prospel examined the flares and oil lantern the old captain had shoved into his hands. "Aye aye, Cap'n!" he exclaimed as he caught a rope. See you, on the other side… He thought, and he swung from the safe Roaring Tiger onto the robotic and metallic Rotor Gear.


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