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The Adventures of Captain Vane by Able Nicholas Vane

A pirate’s life isn’t called a short but merry one for nothing. Nicholas Vane is a perfect example, his parents were killed when he was a baby, how, he has no idea. He was adopted by a Krokatopian arena champion named Zeno. When he turned six he began training to fight in the arena. At age 10 he began fighting in the arena gaining incredible strength, and agility then shortly became the arena champion (all the other fighters underestimated him because he was only 10). He remained champion for 4 years until he finally earned his freedom. He took to the skyways and became a smuggler.

In less than a week he was known as Able Nicholas Vane with a reputation of “Being Able to make a delivery no matter what”. It was lame, he knew, but he didn’t care, since he wasn’t the one who came up with it, some Wharf Rat in Scrimshaw did. Then all his hard work went down into the stormgate when the Armada captured him and began sailing to Valencia for a public hanging. He was a brave young pirate, even when he was faced with death he had a smirk on his face. His only regrets, he wouldn’t be able to see Zeno again and he never found out what happened to his parents.

An explosion awoke him from his daydreaming. He fell out of the naval coat he was laying in. He scrambled to his feet, ran to the cell door but could only to see the Crane student, the only other prisoner on the ship, in the cell across from his.

“Where is he?” someone said in a Polarian accent.

“He’s in one of the cells,” said someone else with a pirate accent.

“Which cell should I look in?”

“Try the ones with people in it,” Nicholas answered leaning against the cell wall.

“There are only two people down here in cells,” the Crane joined in. “That is him and me.” The two pirates were the famous Captain Boochbeard and his firstmate Mr. Gandry the Monquistan Privateer.

“Are you Able Nicholas Vane?” Mr. Gandry asked Nicholas.

“The one and only,” he answered. “Boochbeard and Gandry correct?”

“Aye,” Boochbeard answered. “We’re here to set ye free.” Boochbeard took out a Spark Thrower Pistol and shot the lock off the cell door. Once Nicholas was free he gave him a Spark Thrower Rifle “Let’s hurry,” Mr. Gandry said. “We don’t have much time.”

“Hold on,” Nicholas said.

“Did you not here what I just said?” Nicholas ignored Gandry’s comment and aimed his rifle at the Crane’s cage. He shot the lock off and freed the Crane.

“Come with us Crane or you’ll be killed by the Armada.” The Crane bowed in respect of Nicholas’s kindness.

“I thank you Captain Vane,” the Crane said. “I am Wing Chung and I shall follow you from now on.” The group ran out of the brig and up on deck to find them surrounded by Armada Clockworks. Standing near the front mast was Deacon the Spymaster.

“What’s this?” he asked. “The prisoners are escaping. Stop them.” Nicholas, Mr. Gandry, and Boochbeard took out their Spark Throwers and started shooting the Clockwork Riflemen while Wing Chung took care of the Clockwork Axmen. Then Deacon took out his Spark Thrower from his sleeve and shot a nearby powder keg that knocked out the team.

“They’re out of commission,” Deacon said. “Take them to the brig.” The Clockworks began to surround the unconscious team. But when they were at arm’s reach a Krokatopian came out of nowhere and quickly and savagely turned the clockworks into giant piles of scrap metals.

“Who are you? Deacon asked.

“I am Zeno,” the Krokatopian snarled. “And if you want my child you’ll have go through me first.” “Understood.” Deacon confirmed. He thrust out his open hand in a split second a Spark Thrower Pistol was in his hand. He shot five shots at Zeno who blocked four of the shots with his twin staffs but the fifth shot hit him in the stomach. Zeno dropped to his knees clutching his stomach as Deacon aimed for a final shot. But before he could pull the trigger his spark thrower was shot out of his hand. It was Nicholas, he was awake and ready to fight.

“You may have won now but they Armada will find all of you,” Deacon warned. “Enjoy your freedom Pirates, while it lasts.” With that Deacon left on a flying dingy. Nicholas ran to Zeno and hugged him. “Zeno!” Nicholas exclaimed. “What are you doing here?”

“I couldn’t stand being away from you my child,” Zeno answered. “So I had bought my freedom as well and spent the last few weeks tracking you down.” Zeno hugged Nicholas back.

“I’d really hate to interrupt this touching reunion,” Boochbeard said. Nicholas and Zeno saw that the others were up now. “But we don’t have long ‘till this ship sinks.” Boochbeard was right. The ship started to shake and break apart.

“Quick!” Mr. Gandry yelled. “To our ship!” Mr. Gandry ran to the nearby ship connected the Armada’s with planks with everyone else following. They jumped on Boochbeard’s ship just before the Armada Ship sank. The group rejoiced now that they were free from the Armada, for now.

“Next stop, Skull Island.” Boochbeard announced as they set sail.


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