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A Pirate’s Life I Based on Pirate101 By Petty John

Chapter 1 -- The Adventure Begins

It was a rusty and scary ship. There was Petty John, a ten year-old boy, just sitting there on an armada ship enjoying his life until the armada would assassinate him later in the night. But then… BOOM! A cannon shot out of nowhere right onto the armada ship. Then John thought, “Where’d that cannon fire come from,” “I mean like, no one would attack an armada ship, not even my parents…” Anyways, while John was “talking to himself” the two pirates from the ship, a big, fat pirate with a beard like Santa’s and his little sidekick, of what looked like a monquistian monkey, came in and stood next to John.

Then the monkey asked the man (With a weird monquistian like accent), “Boochbeard, is this the one we are looking for?”

“Boochbeard, The Boochbeard?”

“Well, let’s see Gandry.” “You there, what’s your name?”

“Well, I’m John, and I am pleased to meet you Boochbeard, sir!”

“Say, where are you from, John?”

“Well, I grew up here in Skull Island with my parents, before they got caught in that storm,”

“Ahhh, they were caught in a storm in the search of treasure, were they?”

“Yeah, anyways after that, the krokotopians trained me as one of their own,”

“Ahhh, you were trained in the harsh and hot area of Krokotopia; you must be pretty good with spells and staffs.”

“Yeah, I am, and then I grew up to this age, went to Mooshu, had a family of ninja pigs, and got a ship to go to khotan skyway to adventure, but then an armada ship invaded our ship while I was making a hoodoo potion with my goat friend, Kan Po, to make a ship army of skeletons so they would help out with our ship work.”

“Ahhh, you were making a hoodoo potion?”

“Yes, you must be a witchdoctor. Witchdoctors are great Potion brewers and are masters at reviving the undead.”

“No I’m just a potion brewer. Anyways, the armada got us and locked us in here.”

“Well, we better get out of here now, they’re about to go into Valencia!”

“Wait, what’s Valencia?”

“No time for that, John. The door, she’s jammed!”

BOOM! Another cannon fire made a hole in the ship.

“Go through there John!”

So while John was walking by to the exit, he saw Kan Po, his friend, then said, “Kan Po, is that you?!”

“John is that you? I haven’t seen you since our ship got invaded!”

“Let me try to get you out of here!”

”Use my staff over there in the other cage and get me out!” BAM! The door opened with a whack! “Thank you so much John for getting me out! I shall now work for you until the end. Let’s get out of here!”

So they went up to the base of the ship and when Boochbeard saw Deacon he said, “Deacon, Spymaster of the armada.”

“Hello Boochbeard, I see you have two of my prisoners. Oh, and you’re trying to escape are you? Well, you’re not going anywhere! Battle Angels, attack!” Out of nowhere armada robots with wings and two mini-guns attacked the four. As usual, Kan Po used his staff to fight and John was making potions to make an army of the undead. Then when they defeated the battle angels Deacon said, “It seems I have underestimated you, pirate. No matter. Now you won’t get out for sure!” An elevator rose up with armada robots with guns of what looked like mini-cannons.

“Don’t worry John, we’ll get out of here. LADS, FIRE!!! Quick, get on my ship and head for Skull Island!”

“Skull Island? I need to get back home to Mooshu!”

“We can’t, I don’t have the green windstone! Go to Skull Island and meet with a friend of mine, Captain Avery! He has a pirate haven you can hide in!”

“But I’m not a pirate, I’m just a potion brewer!” John said. “You are a pirate John! A witchdoctor pirate!”

“Well,” John thought, “I guess I am a pirate.”

“Come on captain, let’s go find Captain Avery.”

“Well, let’s go find Avery.”


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