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Tale of the Pirate Wizard by Alec Hawkins

Prologue: Caught!

I’m once again breaking the law.

My name is Alex. Alex Hawkins. I’m currently sixteen, and break the law set by the Armada on a daily basis. What’s that? How do I break the law? Ever since I was little, I had been fascinated by a little thing called magic. My grandmother had told me about the times when magic was practiced freely throughout the Spiral. Until the Armada came. They took over most of the Spiral, and outlawed magic. Using magic could mean that they would be at an extreme disadvantage in battle.

I’m from Krokotopia, one of the many unlucky places to have been taken over by the Armada. It’s not much, considering that most of it is desert, but we manage with what little water we have. My parents were killed by the Armada for practicing magic, and I was sent to exile in Krokotopia. However, Krokotopia was a paradise for me, despite the lack of water and intense temperatures. The Kroks, crocodile people, that live there practice magic on a daily basis, out of sight of the Armada. I was taken in by a famous Krok wizard, known as Alhazred. He was part of an underground movement to free the Manders, lizard people, from their slavery to the Kroks.

And I learned many things from him. Many, many things. Like how to use magic. He taught me how to use Ice, Fire, Storm, and most of all, Balance magic. Alhazred had once told me that there were three other types of magic somewhere in the Spiral, but I never learned what they were or what they did.

Anyway, as I was saying, I was practicing magic once again with Alhazred. I was learning how to summon creatures, called Elementals, that used the types of magic to attack, heal, or defend.

“Now, remember, you can only summon one Elemental at any given time, and can only use them for a limited time.” Alhazred told me in his cracking voice, his crooked form bent over a cane.

“Right.” I said, my jet black hair blocking my vision again. I swept it out of the way.

“Now, try to focus on the anger within you. Fire magic is all about determination, passion, and rage.”

‘This shouldn’t be too hard.’ I thought to myself as I closed my aqua blue eyes and started concentrating.

I kept focusing until I got sweaty. Hearing my teacher gasp, I opened my eyes, and saw a tiger-like elemental with yellow instead of black stripes, and its tail looked like a flame. And its eyes...they were pure red and could be described as newly lit coals. It looked around and saw me. It pounced on me, knocking me to the ground. I was starting to sweat as it brought its face near my own. Had I gone too far in trying to summon an Elemental?

Then it started licking me on the face. I started laughing as its warm whiskers tickled me. I could see from the corner of my eye that Alhazred was trying to stifle back a laugh.

Suddenly, it vanished.

“What? Where did it go?” I wondered aloud.

“Remember what I said about only being able to summon one for a limited time? Well, it would seem that the Firecat you summoned ran out of its time.” my teacher explained.

“Ah.” I said, standing up and brushing myself off.

“Now, let’s continue with an Ice Beet-”

Suddenly, a burst of electricity knocked the doors of our hideout down! The smoke that followed caused both of us to cough.

“There are the Wizards. Take them.” a regal-sounding voice broke through the smoke.

“The Armada!” Alhazred’s voice exclaimed, “How did they find us?!”

I then dropped to the floor and, drawing upon the winds, blew the smoke away. Unfortunately, I was met in the face with a hundred Spark Throwers pointed at me by members of the Armada.

Now, as powerful as I was, I wasn’t nearly powerful enough to take on all of these Armada members. Neither was Alhazred.

In Krokotopia, we call this a “Problem.”

“No, don’t shoot them. Keep them alive...” the regal voice said again, and I sighed with relief.

“Until we display them at a Public Hanging.” This caused me to start sweating, “And by the power invested in me as Deacon, I arrest you and charge you with practicing magic.”

Then all was black...


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