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The Silver Chronicles by Blaze Silver

The Prologue

He smiled as his ship was boarded, an overlarge hamster scuttled to the captains wheel His hat skewed to the side. “Sir the ship…….” He faltered as soon as he saw the mischievous glint in his captain’s eye. “You can’t possible think we can get out of this one do you? Look at this pile of screws and bolts! I can’t believe it’s still floating!”

“Ah but Demetrio don’t we always get out of impossible situations?” the captain implored

The hamster was speechless “don’t you know what’s out there this very moment? The whole Armada, not including the Monquistan Fleet! Yes maybe we do get out of tight spots sometimes, but Darion this is nothing like we’ve ever seen.” At that moment a small chimp dressed in heavy armor hit the deck his spear shining followed by several more with crossbows. the captain’s eyebrows rose as the small chimp began to speak

“You are hereby arrested for treason, grand theft of the king’s personal Galleon, The Diamond, stealing the queen’s crown and the affiliation with Gortez.

The captain’s eyes began to twinkle as he reminisced. ”Ah but as I remember it, the queen gave me the crown as a token of love; I have no intention of returning it when it rightly belongs to me, even if the love has died. Oh and the Galleon, it’s been rechristened” he patted the wheel lovingly

The monkey acted like he hadn’t spoken. “You will come with us or suffer the consequences.”

The captain chuckled as he reached for his twin cutlasses “I’m afraid I won’t go quietly if that’s what you mean.” the monkey slammed the butt of his spear on the deck of the ship and the crossbowmonkeys aimed. “Hey don’t scratch that paint it’ll cost me a fortune to repaint this thing” the captain cried, actually looking slightly worried The first Mate crept up behind the Monquistador. The captain smiled he and Demetrio had been childhood friends and they already knew each other’s stratagem by heart, he fingered his pistol as the Monquistador shouted

“Put your hands up or the crossbowmonkeys will shoot!”

The captain grinned. “You want me to put my hands up? Fine.” His hands went up almost innocently he looked up at his right hand “ooh is that my pistol? I wondered where I put that.” He fired it with quick precision at the crossbowmonkeys, counting as he went along. “One….. Two……. Three…. Four….. Five and half… Six….” He turned his pistol ready to deal with the Monquistador but Demetrio had beat him to it. The hamster bowed with a flourish


A shadow passed over them they both looked up in surprise. An Armada skiff blew past releasing a volley of cannonballs striking home; the ship imploded from the force of the exploding cannonballs. Darion Silver was never seen again. Some say he died that day, others say he escaped, even more say that his ghost still torments the Armada, Striking when they’re not looking

Many a pirate say they have seen his ship, floating through the Valencian skyways tormenting Armada ships leading them into traps that he had set

Apparently Darion had a son. A treasure he valued more than his life and he hid him on an uncharted skyway, Earth.


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