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Runaway Falcon by Sneaky Ronan Xavier

Part 1- The Steal

"How does she sail?" Subodai hollered from the main deck.

"Like an Eagle" Rogan replied, grinning happily as the "Swift Falcon" made its way toward Jonah Town. Rogan steered the ship to the wind lane to go faster, for there was no time to lose.

A few hours ago, he and his crew had stolen a big bag of extremely valuable diamonds from the Presidio, and it was just a matter of time before the little monkeys found out. And when they did, he was as good as dead.

His goal was to sell them to a shop in the Gullet for a big price, and then there would be no evidence he had stolen them. Birgus Latro was standing next to Rogan, estimating how much money they would make. Rogan turned around, and saw that they had better reach the wind lane soon, for five gold and brown Monquistan galleons were heading right toward them.

Part 2- The Chase

Sadly, the wind lane was too far away to try to get to, so now Rogan was faced with a solemn decision. He could turn around and fight the five ships, he could dock at Skull Island and look for safety there, or he could continue sailing toward Jonah Town, in hopes of out running the five giants.

Rogan immediately decided against fighting the five ships. If it had just been one ship following him, the "Swift Falcon" would have stood a chance, but five against one wasn't a fair battle.

Docking at Skull Island wouldn't work, for he would be severely punished by Avery if the ships decided to try attacking the harbor. That only left going forward, so he steered the ship on course for Jonah Town.

It was a smooth ride at first at first, but that didn't last long. There was a boom and a crash as the cannon balls from the Monquistan ships struck there target. It looked as if fighting was the only option now.

"Battle stations!" Rogan shouted as Subodai began to hang up the red flag.

Part 3- The Battle

"Even a ship as great as this can be defeated." That was what Rogan had been warned when he bought this ship. Now he knew it was true. Fires erupted, cannons fired, magic powers were exchanged. In fact, you couldn't go three seconds without some part of some ship being destroyed.

Know Rogan was approached by yet another choice, each one also meaning life or death. He knew there was two ways to conquer another ship. You could either board it and fight its crew, or you could keep your distance and finish them off with cannons. But right now, neither choices looked like they would work. Now the only way left was to trick them.

Rogan guided his ship toward the Bloody Shoals, as if trying to dock there. Sure enough the bluff worked, for the five ships, each one now beaten down, followed the "Swift Falcon" single file toward the Bloody Shoals. Right when Rogan's was about to bury its head first into the sandy beach, Rogan turned the steering as hard as he could (with a little help from Birgus Latro) and made a U-Turn to go the other direction. The first Monquista ship was caught off guard, and plunged right into the beach. Right when it was about to get free, the second ship collided with the first one, causing an explosion and destroying both ships. Sarah Steele and Subodai whooped with joy. Two down three to go.


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