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The Premath of Me by Wicked Jack Deveraux

As the ship steered uncontrolable in the strom, Mrs. and Mr. Deveraux gave one last command to their favorate shipmate.

Mr. Deveraux started,"Milo, I know I'm asking a lot from you but I know this will be my last order as your captain. I want you to take our last dingy and set coarse to Krokotopia. We have a friend there who will take care of our little Jack.

Mrs. Deveraux stated,"Please Milo, we beg you. Please take our child to safety.

Milo GrayTail replies,"I'll do it cap'n! I'll do it in the memory of the best cap'n I've ever sailed under.

Milo then took baby Jack Deveraux and sailed off in the dingy only catching a glimse of the captain's ship being swallowed up by the storm. Instantly a flash of lightning strikes and Milo sees parts of the ship fall out of the sky.

After reaching Krokotopia, Milo hands baby Jack to the friend Mr. Deveraux talked about and he then sailed off with a tortured heart and a dismayed soul.

14 years later, Milo got into some trouble with the Monquistans at the Presidio, two weeks before Wicked Jack Deveraux met the Frogfather with a favor.


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