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Pirates Remember by Scott Holystone

Here is the day where no fighting takes place,
today is the day where all pirates say grace.
All our outfits are ironed; all our shoes have been polished,
Even ol' Cap'n Avery, and of course Lt. Smollet.
We are here to remember all those piratin' days gone by.
We are here to remember those that we have watched die.
Where it's ok for a pirate to cry a few tears.
Where even a pirate can let out his fears.
We are here to remember all that sailed by our side,
We are here to remember those we wish stayed alive.
Where enemies can share just a few words of heart.
Although it may not last forever, there's always a place to start.
The ceremony takes place in a vast Shady Hollow,
just the place, it seems, for sadness and sorrow.
A young boy plants a poppy, watered with tears,
blessed with joy and valor, and a little root beer.
Now a moment of silence, to honor those dead.
All people stay silent, even Honest Ned.
With a shuffle and a sniffle; this day to be remembered.
On the 11th hour, of the 11th day, of every November.


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