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The Last Favor by Merciless Davy Jones

Birds chattered wildly among the thick undergrowth of the jungle. Mosquitos buzzed and crickets chirped. Soon the darkness would descend upon the jungle. David and Melinda Jones led their rag tag group of pirates on a narrow path that climbed around and sometimes over the bushes and rocks. They often would have to hack at the vines that draped the trees and hung across the narrow path.

“Those water moles said the path was easy to follow but it’s only kept growing narrower!” David exclaimed in exasperation.

“That’s water moles fer ya captain!” one of the crew laughed.

Melinda grabbed David’s hand and yanked him up onto a pillar that lay across the path.

“At least it looks like we’re getting closer to the temple.” She said, “It’s a good thing we left our little darling in the care of the bears of Grizzleheim. This job’s gettin’ harder than I’d expected” David just grunted. The pirates continued silently into the jungle. The jungle was growing quieter and darker as night began to settle on the land. Soon only a few birds could be heard. Even the sound of the insects had diminished. At one point Agile Jenkins Silver suggested that there might be a chance that he’d be able to get a skarakeet here and tame it to be his pet. The other pirates only laughed for a minute before continuing onwards in silence. Hopefully they would reach the temple before the Armada.

After the darkness had completely descended the pirates lit torches, nibbled some cheese and shared a bottle of yum before continuing even deeper into the jungle. After another hour of trekking through the jungle the pirates saw a terrible sight.

“Look! A bonfire! The Armada beat us to the temple!” Melinda exclaimed.

A sigh of defeat passed through the pirates like a wave.

“Well I guess we’ll go join the party, eh lads?” David grinned, rallying his pirate crew and strengthening their resolve.

The pirates rushed through the jungle crying out loudly and swinging their weapons above their heads. They burst into the clearing where the bonfire flared and into the Monquistador troops.

“Well what do we have here?” the Monquistan Officer asked, “A group of pirates dare to interrupt our party? Such insolent behaviour will not go unpunished. Get them!”

“Wait! We’re here to help you!” Melinda cried out.

“Help? Help?” the officer laughed, “You are quite bold to believe you can help the mighty Monquistan army!”

“The Armada is headed this way right now. They intend to defeat you and claim all of the temple’s gold for themselves.” David explained, “You have to leave now!”

“Do you take me for a fool? I know the trickery of pirates, you want us to run away so you can snatch the treasure!” the Officer growled angrily.

“Let’s go!” Melinda said, tugging at David’s arm, “We’ve repaid already repaid our favor. Let them believe what they may, the Armada won’t spare anyone they find here tonight.”

Before they could move the distinct sound of clockwork began to buzz all around them.

“I can’t believe the pirates were right! We’re surrounded! To arms laddies!” The officer barked.

The Armada troops marched through the trees into the clearing. They formed a perfect square as they closed in on the Monquistan troops and the pirates. The electric blasts of the sharpshooter’s guns rang out and steel crashed against steel. The battle had begun.


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