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The Last Dove in the Spiral by Gruesome Jackie Dove

Prologue: The "Krakens Head Tavern" was loud and partying for a recent win in "Skull Island" up until a little girl walked in. Everyone looked at her with cold eyes, her clothes were burnt, her hair was shocked and stained forever dark black, she was crying and the only weapon she had were two wooden swords at her side. Then a wharf rat came up to her and said,

"Who are you? Why are you upset?" the girl looked up to him with her sapphire blue eyes, and instantly he knew who she was. She was Jackie Dove, daughter of two of the most feared pirates in all of the spiral, Killer Dove and Red Dove. just too make sure who she was he asked one more question

"What was your flag?" she answered

"The blue and black coffin"

"Where are you're parents? what happened to the boat?" Jackie began to cry. The wharf rat, also known as Heartburner Jim, picked her up and ran to his ship. No one stopped him, because everyone there thought that he was mad. there were whispers all of a sudden

"What flag did she say?"

"Why was she all scorched up?"

"Where is he taking her?" then someone in a cloak stood up

"For those who didn't know, that was Jackie Dove. she may not look like it, but one day she'll be known as Gruesome Jackie Dove, for her killer moves and attacks. she'll be kind hearted, strong, and will save us from an upcoming war" everyone looked at this cloaked man, but before anyone did or say anything, then man left as quickly as he appeared. and as before no one cared then started partying once more.

This is the tale of Gruesome Jackie Dove; the last dove in the spiral.

Chapter one: Jackie growing up

As soon as Jackie awoke from her sleep, which happened not soon after heartburn picked her up, then walked up the the top deck to see a new face.

"You are finally awake? good, go to the captains quarters, the captain wishes to see you" Jackie ran towards the room and without knocking pulled open the door and ran inside then as quickly as she ran, slammed the door shut. Heartburner was inside. He looked at the seat next to him and Jackie already knew what he meant. she slowly walked to the seat then sat in it.

"Who are you mister? What am I doing her?"

"I am Heartburner, but for now you can call me uncle. now tell me why were you alone at the tavern, where's your mom and dad?"

Jackie hadn't noticed she was on a different ship or that her clothes had been replaced, or that she had been cleaned.

"my mum told me to take an old rowboat to the nearest island, during a storm. she didn't tell me why or if she was coming, but once I was at least 20 yards away, I saw the ship blow up once lightning struck it" She began to cry.

"it is ok child, you are safe here. I got your wooden swords repaired ,and I must say you're at an early age to start being a swashbuckling pirate"

"I'm only 6, and mum insisted, just in case I got kidnapped"

" well, looks like I'll need to hire a swashbuckling teacher for you" They soon found a teacher, and the best swashbuckling teacher there was. they trained for 6 years and once Jackie turned 11 she got her own pair of swashbuckling swords, but Heartburner was starting to die, Jackie didn't know what to do! so she began sneaking off to steal yum yum fruits from the armada. But while doing so, the armada got her, she escaped once but the armada followed her for a whole year. Jackie gave the fruits to her uncle on the exact day she turned 12, but the fruits didn't work, it was too late. Heartburners' last words still stay in Jackie's head to today

"Jackie Dove, (gasps for air) I proclaim thee, Gruesome Jackie Dove, last beautiful Dove in the Spiral."

tears streamed down Jackie's face

"And I Gruesome Jackie Dove, accept this name, in honor of my uncle. the deceased, Heartburner Jim, most feared wharf rat pirate in the spiral" and when she was done, her uncle died right in front of her eyes on her birthday. just then the armada came and boared the ship stole Jackie and forced her into there cell and flew away as fast as possible.

To be continued


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