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The Journal of Caroline Isabel Emily Carter the 3rd

Entry #1

Dear Journal,

I have decided to write you in order to keep track of the events that have happened to me. To give you an overview to whomever may read this, my name is Caroline Carter, I am somewhat tall for my age and I have dark red hair that I always tie in a pony. I have dark (almost black) purplish grey eyes, a sly smile and tan skin. I am nearly 15 and I grew up in Marleybone (yes, I do have an accent by the way very close to Sarah Steele’s) with my aunt, a good friend of the queen and therefore I grew up learning to be a lady, attending fancy boarding schools and learning proper etiquette and whatnot.

That extravagant life ended for me one night after I left late from a friend’s dorm room. She one of my upper-classmen at the school I went to. She had helped me adjust to my new schedule when I was new to the school and we became quick friends after, now I still remember her name, Katherine Walker, it was. A lot of things were on my mind as I walked back to my own dorm room, but I should have probably been more attentive for it was evening, the sun had long ago set. So as I turned the last corner, a mere 10 meters from my dorm building I was knocked out stuffed into a bag and sent to Valencia.

There I got a tan and 4 piercings on my left ear and 3 on my other, now all the piercings have golden rings. I also learned how to be a pirate from a boy a year or so older than me, who had saved us from a pirate called Froggy the Troggy, and his crew, the soggy plank walkers (don’t ask I don’t know why they would call themselves that), the people who kidnapped us. The boy’s name was Nick Hawkins and he was a pirate from the moment I met him, with an unquenchable thirst for adventure and treasure. I didn’t trust him at the beginning and with good reason! He nearly stole my Valencian charm, the one thing I kept, aside from my name and fortune, from my upbringing. In response I called myself Carter and act like a boy, not knowing what he’d do to me if he knew I was a girl (I was actually wearing boys’ clothes on a dare that day and that was some very good luck on my part). He has his own rugged charm though and now looking back he was quite handsome to… wait what am I writing?!?! Anyway he had brown hair and bright green eyes and general overall cheery disposition. I learned some Buccaneer moves from him but even with the big swords we used I could never quite use brute force, only swiftness and cunning, my lithe frame also makes my an ideal Swashbuckler. We were near inseparable since then until he challenged a guard for hitting me and he was knocked out. In turn I challenged the guards and was thrown into an Armada prison ship.

A few days later, Captain Boochbeard found me with his companion Mister Gandry, on that ship. He asked me of my name and my history and I told them my name was Caroline Carter and I told how I had been caught and how my parents were also killed by the armada. As I gave told them that simple statement, I choked up and nearly lost my composure but I steeled myself and went with them and ran through the maze of cells to get on deck and right as I was about to go up the stairs I noticed a Mooshuan Horse Barbarian desperately trying to break free from his cell. I ran toward him and used a few metal strands that I had mended into a key and unlocked his cell door as I bluntly said,

“Step, back. I’m opening your cell door.”

“I am in your debt. I am Subodai from Mushoo. Take me with you, Pirate! Together we will crush our enemies!” “Alright, so be it.” I said though I almost refuted him. We both ran up the stairs as the ship took a hit unbeknownst where from and she groaned and felt as though she would give way at any moment.

“That didn’t sound good.” I heard Boochbeard say from above, on deck and then “Deacon.” his voice filled with hatred and loathing. Immediately I also was filled with hatred and rage. He was the one who had killed them. He killed my parents as I watched in a little girl’s body shivering with fear and sadness.

“He will pay for what he’s done.” My mind filled with abhorrence for only him as it began to crowd out my other thoughts. In my haze of madness I somehow ended up on deck and facing an Armada Marine on the floor unmoving in front of me. I didn’t care; he was in my way from destroying Deacon. I realized how irrationally I was thinking and forced myself to stop. I was never going to be able to defeat Deacon on blinding hatred and I then knew I had to do the only thing I’ve ever truly known. I had to outwit him. I fought the other marines alongside Subodai slashing forwards and sideways at one until it fell and Subodai sliced another clean in half, it being mechanical (or magical, I’ve haven’t truly studied them very well), it short wired and was caught in a fit of spasms. The ship groaned; it was clear at this point the poor thing was dying. Boochbeard then joined the fight and threw an explosive at the remaining few Armada soldiers, sending them to pieces.

“I have underestimated you, pirate. Perhaps we will correct this the next time we meet.” Deacon said uninterested. That ticked me off a little but I kept my somewhat calm exterior. In a matter of seconds, before anyone could stop him, he threw something at the floor and it sent up a smoke screen so he could escape. When it cleared, he was nowhere to be seen and the others urged me it was vain to look for him. That could have been my only chance though, my only chance to get Deacon, the monster who had killed my parents and took my childhood. It matters not now though. I will make sure that I will see him again and when I do, he will beg for mercy I will not give. I have a worm of doubt though. That I will not see him, that is. Either that or it is a sinking feeling that I’ll lose Nick, like I lost my parents and my aunt, Annalise, who was the only blood relative kind enough to let me stay with them. How I miss them so badly. I have to stay strong though, I must keep focus on my goal.

At any rate, after Deacon disappeared like the yellow-bellied coward he was, we ran to Boochbeard’s ship. The captain was hurt by the smoke, as I did not acknowledge earlier, and I was forced to pilot the ship. I had to learn how to drive for I had never learned, they though taught me the ‘ropes’ as they called it (whatever that means). We had another naval battle short after and we won by a great margin. As time passed we made repairs to the ship, helped Captain Boochbeard and docked on Skull Island.

I was shown to my quarters and had one of the heartiest dinners I’ve had since living with Aunt Anna, and even then it was probably more. All table manners were lost at the Tavern we went to, the Kraken Skulls Tavern. Now about an hour and a half later I’m here. I mean to report to Captain Avery in the morning and get a ship from him, and I do so hope he complies with the request. I will end my first entry here, seeing it is slowly getting late.

With Sincerest Regards,


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