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Inheritance by Charles Thatcher

(You Enter the Office of Commander: William Houndsworth Harrington ,an esteemed Marleybonian artillery officer (with a raspy Marleybonian accent) and an old colleague of your uncle, in reply to a request sent to you by mail)

*Knock* *Knock* "Come in!" "Ah I see you've arrived! Splendid, now were shall I begin?" Commander Harrington gestured for you to sit down by the fire and you follow accordingly. "So, I've summoned you here to hear your uncle's will as you may 'ave presumed. First bad news; It has been stolen. The good news; what I do know he left you was his inheritance of valuables, as In gold, jewelry, silver items, etc. The vagabonds whom have made off with it are known as The Dark Alliance, and they hail from a trading port in Aquilia. I am not sure of why they have stolen the will but your uncle once told me about a cartographic cipher on the back." *?* "What's that you say? Oh, oh yes a map, indeed that's what that means, yes. So on to your uncle now, you seem to be ill informed on him. I will tell you how to find The Dark Alliance later.

" Do have some tea by the way" Comm. Harrington gestures towards the tea platter. "About your uncle Sir Charles Thatcher, he was quite the officer, a famed freelance privateer whom worked for the best pay from Marleybone to Monquista. I don't know much of his child hood but I know he came from a wealthy family of black market smugglers that led a double life as Governor and Governess for a Valencian agricultural trade colony back during the Polarian wars. His parents unfortunately were murdered by a clockwork officer when he was 16 and was left an orphan to be raised by a Marleybonian Marine Corps officer. I first had the pleasure of meeting your uncle when he had a mere fleet, flotilla rather, of 15 ships and no more than a two dozen crew members from all over the spiral. At the time I was unaware of the Coalition but was still impressed at his charisma and leadership being a young lad. What's the Coalition you say, we'll I'll explain that soon. Anyways I first met your uncle Charles at a small Marleybone colony of West Barasharimi north of Mooshu in the Mooshu isles, run by The West Barasharimi Trading Company or The WBTC. The island was a trading port for tea, which was the chief export in the spiral at the time and a very important, um... resource for Marleybone as well as Mooshu. My island was attacked by a Valencian squadron at the peek of the Polarian Wars and my town was burned to the ground and my mother and sister went missing never to be found. But Charles Thatcher came everything changed he was hired by the Marleybone Crown to expunge the Valencian ransackers. He cleaned the whole island of the menace and found me in the governors mansion held hostage by a Valencian unicorn commander. He dueled the officer to the death and saved my life I was forever in debt to him, we would eventually become great friends and colleagues. To serve my debt to him a volunteered for the Coalition and since I was still considered to young to fight I was sent to a Coalition camp for kitchen service, I eventually moved to Marleybone and joined the Royal Army. Well blast enough about me onto the Coalition then eh'what?"

"The Coalition, of which you are obviously not familiar with, is/was an inter-spiral Army and Empire established by your uncle Charles's cousin Charles Thunderthorn an esteemed wizard whom apparently single-handedly saved the spiral on more than one occasion. Thunderthorn and Thatcher are actually the same family line, the name change was just a mishap on an immigration document many years ago and the family kept the change. The Coalition was very powerful and gave security to many worlds of the spiral and operated in secret from many small base camp islands all over the spiral. It's army was composed of soldiers from all backgrounds and origins from Chicken troopers from Cool Ranch to the Samoorai of Mooshu, all bore the colors of the Coalition; a backdrop of white for purity and a lining of emerald green to symbolize life, peace, and unity."

"Your uncle ran a recruitment program and hosted many troops in his own bases forming his own private military and armada.He fought justly till the end of his life and I whom had joined his ranks in time and assumed command of a large portion of his army faithfully served him by his side. At the end of his life, he being much older than I, knew that he would die first and soon at that so he entrusted me with a great secret but with little detail. He told me of a super-weapon of sorts that could practically bring the spiral to its knees by closing stormgates and windlanes and shutting down shipping, commerce, and transport even for wizards and their spiral keys. It would be catastrophic. He knew you were his only heir and on the recent happening of his death instructed me to give you information on this weapon and what to do. But now as you know its gone missing. I understand you are no solider, captain, wizard, nor warrior but I now must implore you to take up this great quest for the very existence of the spiral." * you ponder for a moment but then agree* "Good I'm glad your ready, In due time I shall train you but for now off to bed for you. There is a room upstairs already accompanied. Good night."


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