Pirate Game Fan Fiction


The Clever Crow's Flight by Clever Cole Crow

Chapter 1: Hunting Bishop


The sound of cannon fire and wood being torn rang through the air. The Clever Crow boarded his target. The captain, cruel and cold-blooded, had attacked this particular ship to establish revenge on the ones who imprisoned him. On this ship was Bishop, one of the Elite Clockworks of the Armada. As the captain; whose name was Cole; went over to the Armada Ship with his crew to chase down Bishop, he heard a greeting from a voice meant to kill.

“Greetings, Pirate. I’ve been expecting you to come. I’ve grown tired of you chasing after me. I want you to know this. Know that this is the day that you shall not live to see the next.”

“Bishop!” Cole exclaimed. “You are mistaken. It is you who shall dead before this day is over!” “Such a bold statement, Pirate. We shall see who told the truth.” Bishop clapped his hands. “Guards!”

“Oh no,” Bonnie Anne sighed. “He’s going to run away again.”

“Eliminate the Pirate once and for all, and take his pieces of the map. I have more urgent matters to attend to.” Bishop turned to his cabin, paused, and turned back around. “Farewell Pirate. ‘Tis a shame we shall never meet again.”

As he walked into his cabin, with a growing rage in his voice, Cole issued orders to his crew. “Egg Shen, Ratbeard, Nanu Nanu, Jolly, Mike, Charlie, you all hold the line and move in! Don Fidelo, Night Bull, move in ahead of the Buccaneers! Bonnie Anne, Emmet, Old Scratch, fire at them and don’t stop! Shan Lin, attack alongside the Buccaneers! Scorpius, you come with me. One way or another, this chase ends here.”

Cole charged through, dodging almost everything that came his way. Scorpius did just as well, and they reached the door quickly, but attempts to get through the door to the lower compartment proved to be in vain. After fending off an Armada Marine that had gotten too close, he called over to his crewmate. “Jolly, get over here!”

The chicken promptly replied, “Consider it done!” Eric Jolly bashed the heads of two marksmen into each other, and charged over.

“This door won’t budge.”

Eric instantly knew what to do. Charging up his full strength, he punched the door, and it was sent flying. Cole then told him to get back to the line, and headed into the now-dark void with Scorpius. He was suddenly blinded by a bright flash, and took a few seconds to recover. When he was able to see again, his expression turned blank.

Bishop was standing behind a line of cannons, obviously ready to fire. When he registered Cole’s expression, he started speaking in a monotone voice. “Pirate, you have proven yourself to be a great naval tactician and an excellent duelist. But this, right here, right now, is the end of the line for you. Don’t bother saying goodbye.”

Faced with a no-win situation, Cole did the only thing possible at that point. He fell flat on the floor. BOOM! The sound of 5 cannons rang all at once, one scathing his back as he fell. He looked around, but failed to see Scorpius. Bishop then flinched, pulled out a handgun, and turned around and started shooting at the floor. Cole realized that that was where Scorpius had gone. He tried to get up, but found his pain too unbearable to do so. Faced with no other option, he did the only thing he could do. He cast Artillery on Bishop, and passed out.


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