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The Clever Crow's Flight (Part 2) by Clever Cole Crow

Chapter 2: Where's Fin?

Cole awoke in a brig cell, like the one he was locked in the day he first met Avery. When he realized this, he groaned. Then he realized that it was a bit too messy for an Armada Cell. His thinking was interrupted when he heard loud footsteps. Curious to figure out what the sound was coming from, Cole walked to the bars of the cell to take a look. When he saw his captor, he froze.

He found himself facing a familiar goggled cutthroat with tattoos running all over his back. Cole greeted his old adversary. “Fin Dorsal, long time no see. So what are you doing all the way out in Cool Ranch?” The cutthroat sneered. “Pirate, I told you you’d pay for what you did to me. And for why I’m out here, you are at no liberty to know.” Fin’s mouth turned into a slight smile. “You’ll get meals twice a day, at dawn and dusk. Don’t get rowdy, or you’ll suffer for it.” He turned around and walked back up the stairs. When Fin did so, Cole examined the cell to see if there were any weaknesses to exploit. After determining there were not, Cole went to sit down, and then did some thinking. Why was he in here? How did Fin capture him? And, most importantly-

“How will you get out?”

Cole jumped back in surprise, and bonked his head on the wall. “Owww…” Then he stared at the ghostlike image of Old Scratch standing in front of him.

“Sorry, Captain my Captain. I was just using me Eye to find you. How are you faring?”

“I’m doing reasonably well, considering I’m in Fin Dorsal’s Brig." Intrigued and a little bit spooked, Cole then asked, "But how are you doing that?”

“Me eye let me see those I an’ I share a bond with. But that isn't important Captain my Captain, what was that about Dorsal?”

“I’m in a Cutthroat brig, and Fin Dorsal is my captor. But what I want to know is what happened to the Bishop operation?”

“He got away again. Just hang in there, Captain my Captain.” Old Scratch flinched. Cole inquired as to “What’s wrong?”

Old Scratch replied, “It really taxes I an’ I’s Mojo to do this. Captain my Captain, I cannot keep this up for much longer. I must return to me bones, but I shall inform the crew, don’t worry Captain my Captain.”

Then, Old Scratch’s image dissipated from view. Cole sat back down. After contemplating his situation, he lied down on the bedding. His mind quickly fell into dreamland.

“What?! Captured by Fin?!”

“That’s what Scratch said, Ratbeard.”

“Egg Shen, I know, I know. It’s just more stressful now being in command with the Captain’s life at stake.”

“Well apologizing isn't going to get us the captain back,” Lieutenant Emmet chimed in. “We’re going to have to locate Fin. Bonnie Anne, any ideas?”

“Well, since we have no leads, let’s go back to Avery and see if he has any for us.”

Ratbeard crossed his arms, and addressed Dead Mike. “Well Mike? You've been silent this whole meeting. What do you think on the matter?”

The zombie sighed. “I say we go to Avery. If he doesn't know, he’ll be able to send us to someone that does.”

“Well, then I guess it’s decided.” Ratbeard walked outside the cabin, and bellowed out orders to the crew. “Set sail! We’re goin’ to Skull Island! Put full speed ahead!”

When they arrived, they conversed, and decided that Bonnie Anne and Emmet would be the best suited to go to talk to Avery. When they walked into his office, Avery saw them, and regarded them fondly. “Why hello Bonnie Anne! Good to see you again! And it’s nice to meet you Lieutenant. So what brings you here? Where’s your Captain?”

Emmet spoke up. “You see, we were hoping you could help with that. He’s been captured by Fin.”

The old sea captain was shocked. “Fin Dorsal? Again?! That Cutthroat just doesn’t know how to quit does he? Sadly, I have no clue where he is. You should try asking Mordekai. He’s had spies everywhere since the Mooshu Falcon incident. If Fin’s been anywhere in Skull Island, he’ll know where. Good luck! Oh, and return the Captain safe and sound. He’s our only hope to El Dorado!”

“Well Emmet, to Mordekai we go.”

When they arrived in the Buccaneer’s Den, Mordekai filled them in on what he knew. “Well Lieutenant, reports say they’ve seen Fin’s ship.” He glanced to the left, then to the right.

With a harsh tone in his voice, Emmet inquired, “Well, Mordekai? Where did they see it?”

The shark glared deep into Emmet’s eyes, then Bonnie Anne. “Fin was spotted in Port Regal Skyway, and was entering the stormgate to Marleybone.”


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