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The Bane of Skull Mountain by Quincy Poole

I hid in my tree hollow with my mother as my father fought against the horrible pirates that invaded my home. I heard him shriek in agony. The tears flowed down my cheeks uncontrollably when I saw his corpse lying on the hard ground of Skull Mountain. It was that day I swore that I would avenge my father and destroy the puny pirates. I would be the bane of Skull Island.

My name is Ock-Ock, and I am a troggy warrior. For years I have protected my home from pesky pirates, showing no mercy. I’ve struck them down and felt nothing as if they were no more than miniscule flies. This was all I knew, for pure hatred for pirates had filled my soul, leaving no room for sympathy. Then I met Malia Webb. It was an ordinary day; I had just finished destroying a small portion of the pirate empire. I retired to my tree hollow as battles exploded around me. I glanced at the trophies I had collected in the corner of the hollow. I had obtained a fine rifle from a musketeer, a beautiful Valencian staff from a witchdoctor, and a shining silver dagger from a swashbuckler. This day something was amiss. My rifle was missing! My gaze quickly darted across the room. I jumped to my feet when I saw a young girl clutching my rifle to her chest, staring at me with pure terror in her eyes.

I held the point of my spear to her neck. “Who are you?” I asked maliciously.

“Malia Webb. I’m Malia Webb,” she responded. The pure innocence in her voice awakened something within me, and everything changed.


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