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The Adventures of Captain Gunn by Daniel Radcliffe

One day, in the world known as Marleybone, a boy was born. Not just any boy, the boy. His name was Rigby Gunn. He was gifted from the start at fighting. At 4, he could shoot targets with amazing accuracy. At 10, he could defeat even the largest and most prominent Cutthroats. Then, on his 18th birthday, he started his dream of becoming the richest pirate in the Spiral. His father got him a nice, fair-sized ship, and he was off! He fought the scariest of monsters, the worst of the pirates, and through all his adventures, he always would escape the clutches of the Armada. This is his story.

Part 1: The Typhoon

As Gunn soon found out, there are more than just enemy ships out there in the Skyway, but creature of different sizes, and different eating habits! He always ran into stray Batacudas, or maybe some Flying Fish near Jonah Town. He always beat them in the end, however. One day, he met Boochbeard and Mr. Gandry, who tried to see his “pirate skill”. They put up a nautical flag sequence saying their names and what they were trying to do. And they attacked. And he attacked back. The battle was vigorous, but Gunn wasn’t just going to fail. He though that this was his first chance to become a real pirate. In a moment, Gunn’s cannons fired and won him a spot on Captain Avery’s Top Pirates List. He had won.

He wasn’t sure what type of pirate he would be. A brave Buccaneer, a sneaky Swashbuckler, a spooky Witchdoctor? In the end, he was most compelled to the title of Musketeer, for his talent with guns (Irony, Gunn is good with guns.) was far better than his talent for close combat fighting. Avery, admiring his skill and bravado, sent him on a special mission to the Volcano, to get a load of a special gold only found there. He gladly consented, and he was on his way! The Volcano was a dangerous place, for it was unpredictable, it could erupt at any moment, and there was the problem of the Waponi. So, before getting to the Volcano, he stole some Waponi paint and clothes to try to blend in. Traveling on the windlane to avoid the wildlife, he thought he would be safe. But suddenly a Stormgate appeared, and without any protection, he was completely overwhelmed. Pulling the sails, and steering as hard as he could was not the only problem, enemy ships were approaching! He had to get out of this dilemma before he completely failed the mission. He did the right thing. He let go of the wheel. Before he could do another move, the force of the crashing whirlpool knocked him out.


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