Pirate101 Special Promotion


Save up to 25% on Crowns!

Crowns Sale! Save up to 25% on Crowns!

For a limited time only, you can purchase 60,000 Crowns for only $60 and 80000 Crowns for only $80.
(that's 1,000/$1)

This is a great time to purchase Crowns to access premium areas and items in Pirate101 and other KingsIsle games. Hurry, this offer ends at 11:59pm Central Tuesday, November 21st.


What kind of things can I get with my Crowns?

The in-game Crown Shop is more than just flashy, powerful gear - although we definitely have that! Need a tougher ship to handle the difficult enemies in different game worlds? The Crown Shop is full of premium ships and ship equipment! There are also mounts to suit any class that not only look really cool, but let your Pirate travel faster.

For free to play Pirates, having Crowns also opens up the whole world of Pirate101 to you! If you buy a chapter with Crowns, your Pirate can have access to it forever. Return back as many times as you'd like to work on side quests or hunt for elusive Boss drops with your friends. Buy Crowns Now »